Installed, updated and no more GUI (KDE) [Solved]

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Installed, updated and no more GUI (KDE) [Solved]

Postby p.barill » Sun Jun 03, 2012 16:26


Just installed Sabayon 8 with KDE (I used the one through bittorrent). I'm new to this distro, but not so new to Linux.

Interesting, except that it does not come with vim. So I sought to install it, because... it ought to be there!

Then as I ask to get it, equo tells me I must get some 2GB of dependencies, mostly updates.

Question 1: I just downloaded a 2GB .iso and installed it. Why reinstall the OS to get a text-editor?

Anyway, I just initiated "equo upgrade" to get done with updates in general. I reboot, and get no more GUI. I see for a second the graphical "loading" display with the progress bar, but it goes away, KDE won't start, and takes me to tty1 login.

Question 2: Suggestions to recover the GUI?

I did read some news on issues with Nvidia drivers, but I got IntelIntegrated Graphics Controller here, so I don't think I'm concerned.

Or maybe I picked the wrong choice when doing "equo update conf" (which I did before rebooting). It suggested to perform this, but I could not find documentation about what to do after calling "equo update conf".

Thank you.
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Re: Installed, updated and no more GUI (KDE)

Postby cl00t » Sun Jun 03, 2012 19:05

Hello, you needed to update Sabayon before installing any applications: ... t_to_do.3F
I suspect you didn't update the conf files after the upgrade:

Code: Select all
#equo conf update

Then option -5 to automerge all config files (unless you want to choose another option)
Sabayon is a rolling release, v8 was released a few months ago & v9 is in testing.

If you can't recover this installation maybe start with one of the daily iso's which is an up to date weekly snapshot.
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Re: Installed, updated and no more GUI (KDE)

Postby p.barill » Sun Jun 03, 2012 20:14

Thank you for your reply.

Yes I noticed recently that there are daily releases, and grabbed the latest K iso. It makes a lot more sense to install this, which I will do shortly.

I did the equo conf update before rebooting, but as I recall, it was not -5, so I guess that killed the poor thing.
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