Issue with awesome WM

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Issue with awesome WM

Post by rahmu » Thu May 10, 2012 20:20

I am a new user here, trying to find my way across the forum. I apologize in advance if this post does not belong to this category.

I am running Sabayon (7 I think, if memory serves me correctly) inside a Virtualbox VM. I installed the awesome window manager with equo and defined it as my default window manager.

So far it works great, except for a small issue I am facing: When I first login, the WM does not react to any of the keyboard shortcuts I have defined. I have to right-click and launch a terminal from the menu before the shortcuts work again.

As far as I remember, I did not make any major change to the awesome conf file (/etc/xdg/awesome/rc.lua) except for defining keyboard shortcuts and changing wallpapers.

I would like some help solving this issue, because it's the only thing standing between me and a 100% keyboard-operable desktop. (For the browser, I use uzbl. If that helps anyone here, my work is done :D ). So I have two questions:

1- Does anybody have an idea of what could cause this? I know this is highly unlikely, don't you hate it when the most random errors come your way? I thought I'd try asking here, on the offchance that it's a common issue for awesome users. I tried Googling, but awesome may be a good name for a software, but it makes for a pretty aweful Google keyword. I couldn't find anything.

2- Since I doubt anyone would realistically know the answer to my first question, I would like to investigate myself and take matters in my own hands. However I did not really back up the rc file before modifying it, so here's my question: What's the best way to get the rc.lua file that is shipped in the entropy package? I would prefer not to overwrite the existing one while doing this, and do this with equo. Actually, maybe this question is more about entropy than it is about awesome. hmmm, maybe I should change the title... :mrgreen:)

In any case, thanks in advance for those who will help.

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Re: Issue with awesome WM

Post by Jomiel » Thu May 10, 2012 21:59

Hi there,
I have never used awesome (cool software name indeed), but most of the desktop environments create new configs when it doesn't find one. So renaming it maybe worth a try.


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