network manager worked...then stopped [Solved]

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network manager worked...then stopped [Solved]

Postby phd7 » Sun Apr 01, 2012 23:48

Hi, I just installed Sabayon 8 KDE today,and managed to get mobile broadband set up. Then it later disconnected and no matter what I tried, I couldnt get it to work again, even after a reboot..
It kept jumping back and forth between kdewallet and the network configuration page for mobile broadband. This page would not have my pin for the dongle stored, even though I had entered it in the network setup and and "store" selected.So I would enter it again and, as I said, it would simply jump back to teh kdewallet

A side question regarding kdewallet.. I tried to cancel (ie,not avail of it) the first time the box popped up but it just kept reappearing so I gave in and set up a password.. Can this be deleted/disabled,or is that unwise?

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Re: network manager worked...then stopped

Postby leisa » Tue Apr 03, 2012 23:42


You can certainly disable Kwallet easily.

In the Launcher Menu: Settings > System Settings > Account Details > KDE Wallet

Under the "Wallet Preferences" tab, simply unckeck "Enable KDE Wallet subsystem"

EDIT: Just to add, with Kwallet disabled, your mobile broadband key will be stored in plain text on your system. This probably wouldn't be a concern to you as long as you don't normally allow miscreants use your user account. Better if your home partition is encrypted though.
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Re: network manager worked...then stopped (SOLVED)

Postby phd7 » Tue May 29, 2012 20:31

FYI, this happened because I was trying to operate network manager before the window looking for my dongle PIN no. popped up
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