Active Wallpaper or Live Desktop

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Active Wallpaper or Live Desktop

Post by stressed » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:55

I've been noticing some very nice Linux desktops when doing some searching around. I've seen a few desktops that appear to have an active wallpaper or a live desktop. What I mean is that areas of the desktop/wallpaper is reporting current information, such as: hard drive usage, network utilization and connections, scrolling text (I can't read what the text says though), etc... I don't know that I would call these a widget in the Windows or Mac sense. They seem to be a part of the wallpaper or superimposed over the wallpaper somehow. Would anyone happen to know what I'm describing by chance? If so, could someone direct me on how I may be able to add these types of items to my own desktop? Any suggestions would be helpful and I thank you in advance.

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Re: Active Wallpaper or Live Desktop

Post by amoebios » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:21

Sounds like Conky or a Superkaramba widget, but may also be a Plasma desktop. (i've been wondering why KDE hadn't implemented something useful like this, while adding "Virus" and a Mandelbrot fractal browser .)

I never used Conky or Superkaramba enough to be of much help now.
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Re: Active Wallpaper or Live Desktop

Post by ksum » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:25

I could also be gkrellm, which is in the repos. I works well and is transparent with the glass theme, found on the gkrellm theme site.

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Re: Active Wallpaper or Live Desktop

Post by batvink » Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:03

Conky comes with a default configuration., simple, and very basic.
To get you started with a more advanced conky configuration., when Conky is installed: ... tions.html
here you find screenshots and downloads.
just copy and replace and/or rename the downloaded .conkyrc to your home folder. Some come with a custom manual.
There are some really awesome conky-configs available, but remember, especially conky-full screen configurations,
doesn't allow you to interact with the Desktop. (No icons, No right-click) Also, a delay is needed when autostart, otherwise it's getting overwritten by the Desktop Environment.

Superkaramba is also in the repo, and implements nothing., you have to manually add themes.
but when opened, the main window shows you a button: "download new themes"
In a sub-window, you will be redirected to

And then of course, you have the KDE Plasma widgets to play and experiment with....

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