Commands VI, CAT unvaialble on 5.5 Kde

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Commands VI, CAT unvaialble on 5.5 Kde

Post by jaguar1637 » Tue Feb 22, 2011 18:13


I just installed the 5.5 KDE Amd_64 on my computer SOny laptop and started to use it !
but... it's impossible to find the executable VI and the command CAT

What's going on ? It's unbeleivable those commands are not included inside /sbin or inside /usr/sbin. There are so common
and usefull

Is there any packages for installing them ?

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Re: Commands VI, CAT unvaialble on 5.5 Kde

Post by micia » Tue Feb 22, 2011 19:07

Those executables should be respectively in /usr/bin and /bin :)

cat has to be there, it is impossible not to have it.
Are you sure you are typing the command in lowercase?
vi is not a standard application, since Sabayon has nano as its standard console text editor and vi is quite "large" for such an application, it is not included by default. You can install it using:

Code: Select all

equo install vim

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