Sabayon 5.2, keyboard problem, touchpad problem.

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Sabayon 5.2, keyboard problem, touchpad problem.

Post by debstah » Mon Aug 02, 2010 17:36


Got a fresh installation, just upgraded.

The problem however. My keyboard is WRONG when im logged in with my user, but works when im logged in as root.

Ive tried change layout in settings/keyboard but no change :(

Problem 2, my touchpad works to navigate but i cant click.

problem 3, my sound is messed up, low volume and doest sound as clear as it used to..

Really hope someone can help!!



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Re: Sabayon 5.2, keyboard problem, touchpad problem.

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Mon Aug 02, 2010 18:06

You have not given people much to work with. What hardware are you running on (laptop model, sound card, type of keyboard, locale, etc.)? Which edition of SL did you install? GNOME? KDE?

To help readers help you, post the output of the following commands as root user, using the Code button for the output of each, in order to keep the your post readable:

Code: Select all

uname -a
Anyway, 1) regarding your locale, in System Settings do you have the keyboard configured as 'Evdev-managed keyboard'?; 2) regarding the touchpad, have a look at the thread Tapping does not work on a Synaptics touchpad [Solved]; 3) regarding sound, have a look at the thread Getting PulseAudio to cooperate.

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