wireless woes

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wireless woes

Post by smokin1974 » Wed Dec 23, 2009 15:04

hi again. decided to give 5.1 a go on the laptop as its now singing nicely on the desktop. after having the shit scared out of me when "rock n roll hall of fame" came on during the boot (02:30am) i find i have no wifi. the card is pcmcia 3com 3crwe154g72 rev1 i believe its the prism54 chipset. the link/activity lights are both dimly lit. had a read around the net an decided to disable the prism side and try ndiswrapper. still no joy iwconfig ? still shows the card as not ready. run out of ideas now this card has always worked out of the box under linux before without ndiswwrapper. any ideas please ? dont want to have to bin it on the laptop if possible. thanks

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Re: wireless woes

Post by strategist » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:51

Hi there,

If card is detected in lspci, an modules are present (lsmod).
Try this link

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