screen real estate & "add widget ... " menu thingamabobs

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screen real estate & "add widget ... " menu thingamabobs

Post by LewRockwellFAN » Tue Dec 08, 2009 19:15

Any reason for those icons in the upper right and left corners that sprout menus beginning "add widget ..." insisting on remaining visible? Seems like a waste of screen real estate. Why can't they be like anything else on the desktop? Can I defeat this? Is there some reason I shouldn't?

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Re: screen real estate & "add widget ... " menu thingamabobs

Post by catalyst » Tue Dec 08, 2009 21:30

I believe they are called " cashews " & they allow graphical access to KDE's plasma desktop menu's, I've never tried but yes i would suggest that it is possible to remove them but
1. why would you want to.
2. be warned the whole plasma desktop is difficult to reinstate once gone, weather by design or accident.
3. I believe they are linked to such things as system tray & kick off menu launcher so it's quite possible you will loose these in the process.

Under applications in the kick off menu select help to read more on plasma.
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Re: screen real estate & "add widget ... " menu thingamabobs

Post by amoebios » Tue Dec 08, 2009 21:53

There's another thread on this subject: ... ew#p107293

You can move it (to another corner, for example), if that's a relief. :P

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