Greek language in Sabayon 5.0

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Greek language in Sabayon 5.0

Post by TemplarGR » Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:49

I decided to try Sabayon 5.0 yesterday. Although i like this distro in general there is an issue i want to ask about. When i installed to disk, there wasn't support for Greek language, although this support is available in the repos. I noticed there were several other languages and some are spoken by far fewer people than greek. There even was so-called "macedonian" language available, which is spoken only by a small minority of people worldwide, and i am willing to bet even fewer of them will install Sabayon anyway. Since the iso is fairly small for a dvd, and support exists in the repos, i want to ask the reason it wasn't included. And even though support is available, it is inconvinient to convert to greek for most programs. For example for kde and it was simple, but converting firefox was complicated. And i would also like to ask if this is a temporary issue and future versions of Sabayon will also include Greek on disk.

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Re: Greek language in Sabayon 5.0

Post by joost » Mon Dec 07, 2009 16:53

I think the best place to request such thing is in the bugzilla:
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Re: Greek language in Sabayon 5.0

Post by DHalens » Mon Dec 07, 2009 17:11

It's a matter of users: the more users from a certain country (or group of countries sharing same language), the more chances to add support for that language. We'll see if we can add Greek support to sabayon (we want to keep sabayon isos at less than 2 GB and there are other things that we/users want to have in the iso).

It'll be hard to do it for the next version as it's in the testing process and only bugfixes should be commited.
As joost said, is better if you request it in bugzilla. Bugzilla is always checked before a release comes out so you'll be sure someone will seriously look at it.

Aside of all this, can you tell me the process you followed to switch the language in firefox (and any other programs it was complicated)? I wonder if it was just a matter of the system not set properly by default or actually an issue with that program.
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