How to do updates?

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How to do updates?

Postby sctvguy1 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 21:39

Just downloaded Sabayon, it looks very nice. It shows that I have 496 updates. I click on the "star" and it shows a list of updates available. There appears to be no way to "apply" these updates. How do I tell the updater to download and apply the update? I installed this on an old Dell Inspiron 1000. For some reason, it would not install on my IBM NetVista desktop, PIII, 512ram, 1gig processor. Thanks in advance.
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Re: How to do updates?

Postby Fac3kk » Mon Nov 30, 2009 22:47

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Re: How to do updates?

Postby catalyst » Mon Nov 30, 2009 22:56

sctvguy1 hi & welcome.
Your IBM Netvista sounds like it is bare minimum for SL 5.0.
Your first step should be to learn the package manager Entropy, look to the SL wiki pages for answers & how-to's.
There are 2 ways to update through entropy, the 1st is through sulfur which is the GUI (graphical user interface) front end to entropy which you can open from your desktop, the 2nd is through equo which is the command line interface front end to entropy. I prefer to do all my updates from the command line, it allows for greater control of the process, to do this 1st open a terminal & obtain root privileges, to do this at the $ prompt type the following
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hit enter & type your root password then hit enter again your prompt should have changed to #
now type the following in order & wait for each process to finish & return you to the # prompt.
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equo update

hit enter
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equo install entropy sulfur equo

hit enter
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equo upgrade --ask

hit enter then answer yes to the next 2 questions when prompted by hitting enter after each one, your world enviroment will now be updated, all updates will be downloaded 1st & then each will be installed in turn, you will also be asked to accept various liscences, answer yes to these & read & follow terminal output.
After all updates have been installed your terminal output may ask you update your conf files, read & follow the terminal output to do this, unless you have specific conf files you don't want updated then type -5 (minus 5) when asked which will update all of them for you.
After this is done at the prompt type
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equo cleanup

Your system should now be safe to reboot if you wish, note the updates you have just done will continue to show in sulfur untill you eigther reboot or open sulfur & do a check for updates.
Hope this helps.

cheers: catalyst64
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