Installing JAOLT [Solved]

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Installing JAOLT [Solved]

Post by NealQ » Sat Oct 24, 2009 19:48

Hi there

Has anyone had success installing JAOLT on Sabayon 5?
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Re: Installing JAOLT

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:48

An ebuild request for jaolt has been in the Gentoo Bugzilla for quite some time, but nothing has been added to Portage yet. But on the jaolt site you can download either the tarball or the RPM package or the Debian package. Let's give the RPM package a try.

Download jaolt-0.4.9-558.noarch.rpm to your Desktop then do the following as the root user in a Konsole/Terminal window:

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equo install rpm
rpm -ihv --nodeps /home/nealq/Desktop/jaolt-0.4.9-558.noarch.rpm
i = install
h = display hashes to indicate progress as the package is installed
v = verbose

The --nodeps is needed otherwise the rpm command fails because it cannot find the dependencies listed in the RPM Database, which is understandable as SL is not an RPM-based distribution.

To run it, under your normal user account enter the following command in a Terminal/Konsole window:

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but, actually, you can create a Desktop Config file named jaolt.desktop on your Desktop with a jaolt icon which you can find via Google Images (I'm assuming you'll save it as /home/nealq/Pictures/Icons/jaolt.png, but you can do whatever you want):

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[Desktop Entry]
Comment[en_GB]=Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool
Comment=Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool
GenericName[en_GB]=Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool
GenericName=Java Auction Organisation and Listing Tool
so you can just launch jaolt by double-clicking on the icon on your Desktop. (Change en_GB to en_US or whatever if your locale is not GB.)

N.B. I clicked on "Decline" when the end-user licence window popped up, as I am not interested in having jaolt, so good luck!

To uninstall, use the following command as root user:

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rpm -e jaolt
(i.e. use the package name, not the name of the original package file.)

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Re: Installing JAOLT [Solved]

Post by NealQ » Sun Oct 25, 2009 17:44

JAOLT installed and working, I didn't do the create desktop icon part as a menu item installed in the internet group so it wasn't needed.

Many thanks Fitzcarraldo :)

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