from ubuntu to sabayon

If you are new to Linux or new to Sabayon Linux and just not sure where to post, here ya go. Post without fear of being told to RTFM :)

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Re: from ubuntu to sabayon

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Fri Oct 23, 2009 13:04

You're welcome. I suggest that you stick to the binary package manager Entropy (GUI is Sulfur; command line tool is Equo) rather than Portage, at least until you are very familiar with this distribution. Portage is powerful but it is easier to break your installation using Portage, whereas Entropy is more user-friendly. Apart from the simple commands, another reason why Entropy is better for newcomers than Portage is that Entropy is a binary package manager, i.e. it installs pre-compiled packages. It is thus faster than compiling packages on your PC, and also the packages being pre-built for you means that they have been built in a controlled environment by the Entropy repository maintainer.

If you want to know a little bit more background, see the following post: Re: What is Sabayon about?

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Re: from ubuntu to sabayon

Post by portamenteff » Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:16

plutus wrote:I'm considering making the shift from ubuntu to sabayon as on my laptop is much faster than Jaunty! (and I tested only the live dvd..really impressive!)

I have some questions:
-the package manager seems to me much slower than synaptic and I had the impression that there is less software available: true? Just an example: I was looking for a GUI package for mounting iso images (gmount-iso under ubuntu) and I could not find anything..

-what is the format of the compiled packages? clearly not deb nor rpm.. ;)

-is it possible to automount usb drives? (without using the bottom right icons)

-I found the fonts rendering worse than what I'm used to in ubuntu (especially in the upcoming Karmic): is there a way to improve the fonts? In particular in Firefox, fonts are not really nice..

I switched over from Debian Etch. Sabayon 5-Oh Distro has the Gentoo core that I've desired, and the full on GUI of the Ubuntu system, plus the Wiki, forum, and IRC is better. I've gotten more help and not been stepped on when I was giving some good Linux help in these places. You're making the right choice. From novice to guru (I'm somewhere in between), Sabayon can work for you. My tag for Sabayon is "Sabayon got GAME!"

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Re: usb drives automounted on Desktop

Post by tropicalicecube » Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:17

Hey, that's an old thread, but obviously I was reading it becauze I had the same issue:

Automount of pen drives + visibility on-desktop

You'll need gconf-editor, which is part of the default Sabayon5.0DVD install, at least on my 64 bits here.

A word of caution: gconf-editor is indeed your straight access to the bowels of the Gnome Desktop Environment; you can, and possibly will, make a lot of damage to your system if you don't pay attention; Linux is famous for not being your nanny, and then gconf-editor isn't your bunch of /etc/thisandthat.conf files that you can edit by hand, copy or replace. It's a database: input a wrong entry, mismatch a string with an integer, andf ace the consequences!

1 . Visibility of Media on your desktop:

As already pointed in this thread:

- Find, in >applications>System Tools, the Configuration Editor (or gconf-editor from GnomeDo or Alt-F2)

- Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop

There, you can choose what stuff is visible on your desk; volumes_visible is your target.

2 . Automounting USB drives:

- Go to /apps/nautilus/preferences (in gconf-editor, of course).

There you'll be greeted with a wealth of deep-down system configuration items. Be careful! Your target here is media_automount and media_automount_open

Some of these items are stuff you can change simply in the Preferences GUI of the nautilus file manager, like the tickbox for 'Browse media when inserted' in the Media Tab. (this is the recommended Gnome method, gconf-editor is only there for your convenience).

Voilà! Your desktop is now 'as you expected' it; whether this is better or not isn't my point; here I had an issue with the Mount Drives applet which shows other HDDs that I don't want someone to click by mistake, hence on this shared laptop I'd prefer all flashdrives just to pop in your face when inserted: less questions asked, less accidents happen!

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