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Desapareció el panel XFCE!

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 21:38
by pandalinux
Hola! Estoy encantado con esta distro que decidí probar (uso Antergos y Kaos, previamente) La instalé con sencillez y exito; y la configuré rápidamente a mi gusto. Recién, en un nuevo booteo, me encuentro con que el panel (superior e inferior) aparece fugazmente; y luego...desaparece y es inaccesible! Nada cambié de la configuración del panel (entré y permanece igual...) Quiero entrar en el gestor de ventanas (porque cuando quise probar el nivel de opacidad, para ver si se había corrido por error, el gestor del panel me envió allí) y no abre!

Alguna idea de por dónde debo acceder para ver qué sucede?


Re: Desapareció el panel!

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 0:42
by dave_64
I got it translated into English, but, I still didn't understand it completely. You might have better luck in the Spanish forum for sabayon at:

Re: Desapareció el panel!

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 23:30
by pandalinux
(I'll Try in spanish forum) But I was looking for help, about XFCE Pannel (top and bottom), cause in the third booting, this pannels where gone! Fourth booting, the pannels functioned again. And, now; they are "gone" one more time. I don't have modified the pannel configuration. The window manager, don't starts when I try to take a view about windows configuration. I don't know what is happenig ant how to resolve this strange issue

I'm using an Asus Kj52 laptop, with 6GB Ram. Linux multibooting (Antergos, Kaos, last Sabayon version)

Thanks a lot

Re: Desapareció el panel XFCE!

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 23:53
by dave_64
I guess you could take this back to the english group if you know english.
I wonder if it might be a video driver problem.
What is your video card? I think it's a nvidia 310
You can use this command to check it:
Look at the line that says, "VGA compatible controller..." for the card name and number.
What is the result of:
eselect opengl list
Is it:
Is there any other choices...nvidia?
If you have an nvidia card and the drivers are not installed, you may benefit from installing the correct nvidia driver.
To see if any nvidia driver is installed, type and enter:
equo search --installed nvidia-drivers

Re: Desapareció el panel XFCE!

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 17:27
by pandalinux
My english isn't good... But I'll try a short answer. I'v solved this issue, cleaningprevious sessions and selecting no-save the current session. But I don't know what happened... About lspci, "Intel VGA integrated controller"