Rigo urgently need usability improvment

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Rigo urgently need usability improvment

Post by andy_greg » Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:19

So I tried Sabayon KDE linux yesterday on virtualbox.
First encounter issue with KDE screen locker viewtopic.php?f=53&t=33995
Reinstall several times from that :(
I have to disable the screen locking completely

Anyway, so I am going the remove some software with Rigo.
Open it up and was greet with loads of notification.

This software notification should not work like this !!
Software notification should not be text-based. Because when text appear, this take away the visual attention, and cause the user to read it.
What wrong about reading it?? Because it can be replace with icons like check mark with color representation that can be distinguish with a glance.

"Application managed successfully!" should not be treat as text notification but as an icon with checkmark or !
It also must not be a "pop up" but as a permanent stationary icon sitting at te bottom or top.

"There are 4 updates. What to do" can be combine with combine with "Application managed successfully!"
Make a ! mark when there are update available with number indicating number of packages need to be update at the top.
Make check mark when "Application managed successfully!"

When pop up appear, it will push the other content down ward. Which the user will need to refocus there reading, which is annoying.

Update system must also use icons like upward arrow.

It is not efficient to ask user to click "yes" or "no"
Just let them click it or ignore. Which text notification make it impossible to ignore.

Also I fount uninstalling many application difficult. There is no tick mark or something next to the software to indicate that it is installed.


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