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Setting up a custom repo

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:33
by welele

I want to manage a custom repository. I want to automate the building process of package with community-buildspec, following this wiki : ... ing_to_SCR

Provisionning and running the machine via vagrant is ok (i had to customise a bit the image which have some incoherence regarding installed kernel and vbox modules).

Machine is running, shared filed are mouted.
Test building via result in a lot of "!!! Repository 'x-portage' is missing masters attribute in '/usr/portage/metadata/layout.conf'", like if layman location is not properly defined in the sabayon-builder docker image.
Test run also try to change docker_builder image's profile to an invalid profile.

I try running sabayon-builder manually (in the virtual machine) on one package (media-video/motion) and it worked (docker builder image is launched, the package is well build.)

I'm a little lost in sark_fonction used to lauch the docker_builder image and pretty convinced an env variable is unproperly setup...

Anyone can help me?