How do I kill equo?

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How do I kill equo?

Post by fusion809 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 7:10


Sometimes I stop equo commands with Ctrl+C when I realize they are doing things (like removing reverse dependencies for a package I am removing) I do not want and while it does stop equo from doing what it is doing, for some reason afterwards when I try to run equo again, it doesn't start. If you don't understand what I mean see this screenshot
Image. It stays this way, after I run equo without any signs of it actually starting equo. I have tried running

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pkill equo
to "kill equo" properly, before re-running it.

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Re: How do I kill equo?

Post by Stupot » Fri Sep 18, 2015 15:58

If I kill equo using ctrl+c while it's still in the downloading or calculating phase, normally everything is just fine.

You can run this command to make sure equo isn't still running:

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# ps aux | grep equo 
If it is, you haven't killed it all the way. (Read warning below before doing this.)

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# killall -9 equo
That said, things are bound to go wrong sooner or later doing this. Equo is updating a database that contains all the packages you have installed on your system. If you kill it at the wrong time, you can corrupt your database, which is a very bad thing and can quickly lead to an entirely screwed up system with no way of fixing without a fresh install.

Instead, particularly when removing things that you aren't sure about you should use the --ask flag

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# equo remove blas-reference --ask
That will give you a safe place to cancel the actions you have lined up and you won't run into issues like this in the future.

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