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Rebuild database

Post by robjeffrey » Mon Apr 06, 2015 13:58

When performing an equo upgrade, the packages to be updated are downloaded, then the program segfaults;

## Aggregated download: 1 item
╠ # [1] => dev-libs:openssl-0.9.8z_p6.324bedd7295b488b82ebb6e9c838812b915057ef~0.tbz2
╠ ## Checking package checksum...
Segmentation fault

Also segfault on a simple query;

bedroom ~ # equo query
Segmentation fault

Checking to see what is going on, I ran a check:
bedroom ~ # equo rescue check
☛ Repository error: sqlite3 reports database being corrupted

So, under the assumption I have a corrupt db, what is the best approach to rebuilding the database without trashing my system?


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