Kernel Version Masked, Upgrade Not Possible?

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Kernel Version Masked, Upgrade Not Possible?

Postby Honeyman » Tue Jun 03, 2014 6:12

Hil all,

sabayonino showed me how mask certain kernel versions (see: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=31789), but this makes upgrades impossible. Entropy refuses to do an upgrade now. How to proceed? It would be a desaster to risk upgrading to a newer kernel revision, as my system won't boot (see: viewtopic.php?f=86&t=31788).

Please help me on how to make entropy do upgrades (especially restoring a saved state of previously installed packages by "equo rescue restore").
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Re: Kernel Version Masked, Upgrade Not Possible?

Postby albfneto » Wed Jun 04, 2014 17:05

if you masked a newer kernel, many times the upgrades working well...

you configurate foi use the older kernel?

Code: Select all
$ eselect kernel list
# eselected kernel set NUMBER OD THE DESIRED KERNEL

i seted as above, in many configurations, kernel can not be a dependence, in can not disturb or avoid upgrades.

Is my case, i masked kernels newer of 3.12 since i needed to ATI GPU calculations in my job. If i upgrade the kernel, the installation on the new ATI driver is laborious and difficult. for this reason, i masked, but I dont have problems in upgrades.

However, if you have, upgrades "need, ask for" the masked kernel, you may upgarde using these modifications in commands:

Code: Select all
$ equo u --pretend (only simulate upgrades, you will see if  a masked kernel is needed), then
$ equo u --pretend --nodeps ( i have in mind that the masked kernel no more needed)
# equo u --nodeps ( upgrade without need  kernel deps)

Also, another thing, if you masked the kernel, but this kernel was previously installed, when the video driver is upgraded, is "ask" for the kernel. Carry out these commands:

Code: Select all
# equo unmask "complete name of the previously masked kernel" Unmask it

# equo rm --nodeps "complete name of video driver associated to THE MASKED undesired kernel"  This remove the video driver of the undesired kernel

# equo rm  --nodeps "complete name of the previously masked kernel"

# equo mask "complete name of the previously masked kernel"   Mask the kernel again

Resuming... supose that the kernel 3.14 was installed, but now it is undesired and it is masked, an also the following versions

Unmask it, remove THEIR video driver, the remove this kernel (without deps) and mask it again. Example for kernel 3.14 and nvidia:

Code: Select all
# equo unmask sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.14
# equo rm --nodeps  x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-337.25#3.14.0-sabayon
# equo rm --nodeps sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.14
# equo mask linux-sabayon

Attention that you should remove the video driver of the undesired kernel (simply command "equo rm linux -sabayon" yoy remove the driver of your current, boot kernel!)
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