application installation..

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application installation..

Postby wintermute » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:21

although probably a "too basic to be justified" thread, i'm starting it to, report my own experiences with the programs that i'm about to install on my system, in general, and to potentially discuss any technicalities related.. entropy only..
from what i've managed to gather on installing software via entropy, the process is pretty straight forward, and to users with any experience with cli package management, intuitive and self explanatory.. i'm hoping that additional entropy specific tips and tricks on how to do things even smoother, will appear here from the more experienced users willing to share.. i thank them in advance..
my first question is, since i have only started discovering the logic of entropy (for example, the need to "reinstall" with every update/ upgrade, the package manager itself to update the repo is a completely new concept to the uninitiated, as well as partially the conf update after each and every, that made me somewhat uncertain if i'm maybe missing something important, a step that might come "naturally" when knowing entropy but not too obvious to me for example) is the following: :)
is there need to, when installing an application, the "standard way" (using the equo command, from the repo that is by default set in an unmodified installation (as of recently in doubt, but i suppose the weekly) with no "special" attribution of any kind) do anything (at all, no matter how trivial it might seem) other than install using the:
#equo install suchandsuch (--ask being a probable but if i understand correctly, not necessary option)
anything at all??
any need to inform the system in some way (something, in my intuition, analogue to the conf update when upgrading, or anything else along those lines) or the package manager itself (only the "usual" cases, not talking about masking, pretending or any "special" scenario here)??
or does that one operation "take care" of it all, and the rest is handled when updating the system through it's six steps (how i figure now)??
if anyone feels like it, simply confirm or comment or point to, perhaps clear enough part in the wiki or elsewhere where it is specified please.. my gratitude..
i will tonight attempt to install a modest collection of programs, fairly "standard" (didn't specifically check but i'm pretty sure they are "ready" in the repo) so, the fear of breakage is minimal.. :) i plan to "enrich" my new sabayon system with:
i'll leave out the (for me the most important) blender for the time being, till i decide how to go about it..
will write if any "anomaly" occurred.. if there is anything that "i should know", again, and sorry for being the annoying noob, :D it won't last for ever, i hope, any word on it is greatly appreciated..
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Re: application installation..

Postby wintermute » Mon Aug 19, 2013 22:00

managed to get them all, seems without problems.. corrction, no agave.. but i found pencil.. :) lovely little program..
as the installations actually say no configuration files to update, and, i actually did a libtest.. :D healthy.. :cyclops:
i suppose it's as easy as that.. equo install.. cool..
i'll see next sunday if there was indeed something that i was missing.. :idea: :cheese: :eye: :pirat: :alien:
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Re: application installation..

Postby albfneto » Tue Aug 20, 2013 17:31

if i understood.... you ask for know some commands for mask,, and for update the config files, as in gentoo?

For mask:

Code: Select all
equo mask package OR
equo mask package-version

the "equivalent" for the Gentoo's "etc-update", "dispatch-conf"

Code: Select all
equo conf update

For "modify" the package, you should recompile then with Portage,as in Gentoo.
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Re: application installation..

Postby wintermute » Tue Aug 20, 2013 18:42

actually, no.. :) but thank you all the same..
i have learned something, not planned but appreciated.. cheers!!
what this thread (was intended to be) about is the most basic of cases of installing applications from the repository.. and whether there is something important and not obvious to a sabayon noob like myself that i have missed, learning mostly from the wiki and the kind members of the community interacting with me on this forum..
it boils down to: is there something beside the "equo install xy (--ask)" to do when installing the programs in a "most standard way"..
after installing ninety percent of the apps that i intend to use on my system, from my first firsthand experiences, i concluded with some certainty, until things go bang at least, that, in fact, no, that's pretty much it, equo install what one needs and wants.. but i'll be even more certain if my setup survives an update or two..
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