Apt-Pinning Equivalent

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Apt-Pinning Equivalent

Post by rdnetto » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:37

I'm a new user to Sabayon that used to use Debian.
In Debian there is a feature called apt-pinning, which allows users to add newer/less stable repositories at a lower priority so that packages are not automatically upgraded to them; the packages from the unstable repositories are only used when the user explicitly marks them as such.

Does Entropy have a similar feature? Basically, I want to have sabayon-weekly as my default repository, but still be able to install packages from the daily repository.

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Re: Apt-Pinning Equivalent

Post by albfneto » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:16

I have in mind that in Sabayon Weekly Repos and the Daily Repos (Limbo) are not compatible.

for use Limbo repo, in e permanent manner, you should switch from the Weekly to the sabayonlinux.org repo

I never tested this procedure (Caution: first carry with pretend option),
but i imagine that you may operate in this manner:

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# equo repo disable sabayon-weekly
# equo repo add sabayon-limbo
# equo up --pretend                            ?????????????NOT TESTED
# equo i PACKAGE
# equo repo disable sabayon-limbo
# equo repo enable sabayon-weekly
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Re: Apt-Pinning Equivalent

Post by wintermute » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:00

have had the exact same thought myself, being a debian user for the most of my gnu/ linux "career" who has heavily "abused" pinning.. but from what i have learned so far about sabayon and gentoo (still on the beginning of the slippery side of the learning curve here, so, everything i say is of limited relevance and is only a reflection of my view and "logical intuition" at this moment, very likely to change and refine as more practical experience is gained taken that i endure it all for long enough, of course) it (the pinning approach) makes much less sense here.. the "need" for, a more recent version of xy is, not exactly proportional to what is the standard offering (as in significantly older packages) in debian stable, and often testing just as well.. from how i understand (for now, still a lot to learn) the package manager(s) (but mostly entropy) they are not built with branch mixing in mind, not without extensive micromanagement typical for testing/ development environments at least (in contrast with a fairly common and by design robust pinning mechanism provided by apt, suited for "everyday computing" and stable (enough) for production systems)..
these are my two cents on the topic..
cannot stress enough, from the eyes of a sabayon noob, with a history of debian usage in all kinds of scenarios, mostly content creation and general "home" computing and some far from high end gaming..

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