Rigo - authentication method changed?

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Re: Rigo - authentication method changed?

Postby Stupot » Wed Aug 14, 2013 19:06

I do not.

However, if you have users that don't want to have root access, you can remove them from the 'wheel' group. I haven't run across this issue on my system, so I'm not promising it will workaround your issue. It's definitely not the way you want it to be fixed.
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Re: Rigo - authentication method changed?

Postby tollgate » Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:42

tollgate wrote:I really do not like the way any user on all of my three Sabayon machines can install or uninstall anything they choose as a user.

I am guessing there must be a way to change this behaviour back to the previous way of doing things, ie: only root can install or uninstall. Anyone one know how to do this?

Well, for me, one of the recent updates fixed this so when installing via Rigo I now get asked for the root password as before.
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