emaint --check world claims for app-misc/sabayonlive-tools

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emaint --check world claims for app-misc/sabayonlive-tools

Post by yannos » Thu Jul 18, 2013 21:46

"it is often necessary to run `emerge --update
* --newuse --deep @world` prior to depclean", the doc said, so I did...
I got:
!!! Problems have been detected with your world file
!!! Please run emaint --check world. So I did...

I got:
Emaint: check world 100% [============================================>]
'app-misc/sabayonlive-tools:0' is not installed

Emerge either Rigo don't find any 'app-misc/sabayonlive-tools' to install...

I would simply run an 'emerge --depclean' cmd without fear... Any advices?

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Re: emaint --check world claims for app-misc/sabayonlive-too

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu Jul 18, 2013 22:40

You have posted this in the Entropy|Equo|Rigo Package Managers shed, but that command is a Portage command and must not be used in SL unless you want to break your installation. The command 'emerge --depclean' is a radical command that can trash a Gentoo installation if the user does not know what (s)he is doing, let alone a SL installation. My advice to you is to not use that command in SL and to forget it exists.

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