dev-python/python-dateutil marked for removal

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dev-python/python-dateutil marked for removal

Post by Ponder » Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:36

As per the subject, dev-python/python-dateutil is marked for removal, yet it exists in the repository.

I've even removed it (--nodeps) and reinstalled, and it's still marked for removal.

Is there any way to stop this?

media-sound/google-musicmanager is also marked for removal, but I know that's due to a conflict in Portage with the latest version, so I'm going to wait that out. I'm certainly not going to remove it ;)

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Re: dev-python/python-dateutil marked for removal

Post by albfneto » Fri Jul 19, 2013 16:44

is your repositories updated?

in my system, python-dateutil is installed and not marked for removal!

is marked in RIGO or by commands? In Entropy or in Portage?

because sabayon (as gentoo) mark the package for removal or downgrade, if this necessary for install an new package and carry this automatically.

After the other package installed, if the system uses the "removed" package, it will be auto reinstalled!

The only packages that i see truly "marked for removal" are in Portage, bu are marked for removal in the repositories, not in your installed system.

If a package will be removed from the repo, it will no more updated or upgraded, then,
if you or your system uses the package, it should be not uninstalled.

Example, Portato nom more exists in Entropy,neither in Portage,
but i mantained Portato in my system,since i like portato and use It.
If you remove an old package because it will be deprecated in the repos,
but you like the package, you cannot more re-install it.
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