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Post by sqlpython » Tue Jun 25, 2013 23:21

I did a forum search and found that some members during the months of Feb, March, Apr and May had experienced slow Updates and Package Installations. As well as an unwillingness to stop using the
garr.it mirror


I noted that my Updates were slow 58 kb/sec
I also noted that the mirror used was the garr.it mirror which would not be my fastest.
My best would be the Clarkson Univ or Maryland Univ or perhaps Virgina tech..
I did an

Code: Select all

equo update

and tried a

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bobs-sl410 sqlpython # equo repo mirrorsort sabayon-weekly

However, Only a

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bobs-sl410 sqlpython # equo repo mirrorsort sabayonlinux.org

would work as I got a could not find mirror regarding the sabayon-weekly as an error..

I would prefer the weekly to the daily if I could get the weekly to obey me.
Lastly, see below that the repository/mirrors listed by my mirrorsort are not easily identifiable.
The names that is as #1 is a director link of some type and #2 refers to Maryland Univ and #3 refers to Clarkson Univ...
Why do they not use the identifiable Mirror http: locations listed in the Mirror list on the Sabayon site.. Just something I had not noticed in the past. Is this a newer method?

Looking at /etc/entropy/repositories.conf.d/entropy_sabayonlinux.org
I see this instead.. Compare to equo status command..
I am now confused!!
Anyone have some light to shed?

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desc = Sabayon Linux Official Repository
repo = http://pkg.sabayon.org#bz2
enabled = true
pkg = http://bali.idrepo.or.id/sabayon/entropy
pkg = http://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/sabayonlinux/entropy
pkg = http://pkg.sabayon.org
pkg = http://dl.sabayon.org/entropy
pkg = http://best.sabayon.org/entropy
pkg = http://redir.sabayon.org/entropy

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bobs-sl410 sqlpython # equo repro

Code: Select all

bobs-sl410 sqlpython # equo status
>> # 1 Sabayon Linux Official Repository
>>     Repository name: sabayonlinux.org
>>     Revision: 2771
>>     Repository class: entropy.client.interfaces.db.AvailablePackagesRepository
>>     GPG: /var/lib/entropy/client/database/x86/sabayonlinux.org/standard/x86/5/signature.asc
>>     Notice Board: http://pkg.sabayon.org/standard/sabayonlinux.org/database/x86/5/notice.rss
>>     Path: /var/lib/entropy/client/database/x86/sabayonlinux.org/standard/x86/5
>>     Repository URL: http://pkg.sabayon.org
>>     Package URLs:
>>      1. http://redir.sabayon.org/entropy
>>      2. http://dl.sabayon.org/entropy
>>      3. http://best.sabayon.org/entropy
>>      4. http://pkg.sabayon.org
>>      5. http://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/sabayonlinux/entropy
>>      6. http://bali.idrepo.or.id/sabayon/entropy
>>      7. http://na.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/sabayonlinux/entropy
Criticism accepted for Solutions that work. ;^)
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