Removing PulseAudio [Solved]

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Removing PulseAudio [Solved]

Postby tristan » Mon Feb 18, 2013 0:55

Hi All,

Newbie to Sabayon, not to Linux, long time Debianer...
I'm actually discovering Sabayon... Wonderfull distro really!
I've installed it from a 2G USB Key using UNetBootin and your iso image within 10 minutes on an Asus laptop K7010 Series.
Everything works out of the box! Thousands of Bravo!!!

Few problems however when trying to log out an login back with another Desktop: each system freeze and I've to reboot:
go booting with default GNOME, log out, trying to log with XFCE -> freezing. Same issue with all desktops installed. Note that each of these desktops work well at least as far as I've played with them actually.

Ok, now my question:
I'm using Linus to make music. It means I'm using Jack, Ardour, Rosegarden etc. To do so I dont want to have PulseAudio!
Under Debian exists 'equivs' package that help me to get rid of PA without having problem with GNOME3. Is there any utility like 'equivs' for Sabayon?
I know I could configure Jack to work with PA. It is also possible to automatically deactivate PA when Jack starts. These are working solutions, but each of these solutions eat some % of my cpu or doesn't please me ;-)
Even if it may seem close to nothing those few 2 to 5 % influence latency which I wanna keep as low as possible of course.
This is the reason I do really want get free of PA.
Since it is possible to make GNOME beleives PA is still there as it is not with Debian, I'm sure it could be possible to do the same with Sabayon?

Any suggestions or advices will be very welcome!
Once again Bravissimo!

Baby Hen
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Re: Removing PulseAudio

Postby maulbongo » Mon Feb 18, 2013 14:55

Hi tristan,

Here I discribed how to get rid of PA:


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Re: Removing PulseAudio (SOLVED)

Postby tristan » Thu Feb 21, 2013 23:29

Thanks ;-)

Baby Hen
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