Ringo Login Case Sensitivity

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Ringo Login Case Sensitivity

Post by ElectricPrism » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:26

I'm not sure if Ringo (KDE) is the new version of Entropy since the 10.0 release, or even where this post should be placed in the forum.

I wanted to let you know the login on Ringo to rate & comment is case sensitive, the phpbb forums on the other hand aren't, so I assume you're doing login based on comparing the login password hash to the one in the database, in this case please also do a comparison of the two variables in lowercase to correct this problem - I thought I got my password wrong for several minuets.

In PHP you would use:

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if (strtolower($Password) == strtolower($User['Password']))
Or even better - make the login based on email address.

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