To clear only old packages from cache

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To clear only old packages from cache

Post by speedyx » Mon Nov 14, 2011 20:27

It's a very useful method the entropy's one of keep all the versions of packages until I manually clean the cache.
But now that I don't need downgrading I want to keep in the cache only the latest version of packages, in /var/lib/entropy/client/packages...
Have you any script or suggestion to clear only the old versions of packages from cache and keep the latest ones?
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Re: To clear only old packages from cache

Post by sabayonino » Mon Nov 14, 2011 22:23

the features you ask is similar to "eclean-distfiles" for gentoo user (tool to clean /usr/portage/distfiles)


:wink: I hope develeper (lxnay) consider this. It can be interesting.

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