phyton-updater after equo upgrade

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phyton-updater after equo upgrade

Postby gapvision » Sun May 15, 2011 13:48


i've just upgraded my system and there was this message with many beeps that i should run python-updater afterwards.
Is this necessary in Sabayon? I mean its using portage and tries to emerge more then hundreds packages...

I know there a lot of python-upgrater related posts in this forum but non of them seem to answer my question

regards, gapvision
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Re: phyton-updater after equo upgrade

Postby genfool » Sun May 15, 2011 14:25

Is a leftover message from the package. If you are using entropy, you do not want to run portage tools.
python-updater was already ran for you, when the package was converted from portage to entropy.
If you only use portage and not entropy, then you would probably want to.
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