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Re: Sulfur not running after equo install entropy sulfur

Postby nomad » Tue May 17, 2011 21:37

Fitzcarraldo wrote:nomad, you don't normally have to update the entire installation if you just want to install one package. The reason for the major pull this time is probably because the Python version has changed from 2.6 to 2.7. Many packages use Python, so that's probably why. However, usually, only the package and any libraries on which the package depends and that have changed have to be upgraded. If there are any other packages that depend on those libraries then they would need to be upgraded too. Linux tends to have more dependencies than Windows, as Linux tends to push more functionality into shared libraries than Windows does. This is why there tends to be more packages to upgrade in Linux. But more often than not, when one installs or upgrades one package only, only that package needs to be downloaded and installed.

I suspect that a major package update was the reason for the update of the entire installation. Still...That knowledge does not change the fact that a laptop that has been running SL all these years, since 3.x, continue to break after every update after 5.5. Four times and four broken installs. I will try E17 next but am not optimistic.
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