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Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:52
by mitcoes
I want to know how can i put sorurceforge as repository in equo if it is possible.
And If there are a way of adding PPAs or similar.
Some programs are not at Gentoo or Sabayon, or they are not at the latest version as Qbittorrent, - I prefer it to Vuze -
And I would like to install them but I cannot find a tutorial with "how to add new sources".

And as a gentoo distro I have read it is possible to add dpkg, and i supose install deb packages. Probably with some risk to system stability - or not - I'm just beginning with Sabayon It would be awesome - perhaps in a future - a stable way of having all Linux packages in a distro where you can choose what you want from all the Linux universe.

Re: Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:58
by joost

regarding the other questions, you need to understand how things work.
Have a look at the wiki. THEN have a look at the Gentoo handbook.

Re: Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 12:08
by micia
Sabayon has 2 supported package managers:
1) entropy: binary based, easy to use and recommended, equo is its TUI and Sulfur is its GUI
2) portage: source based, advanced and very updated, inherited from Gentoo, emerge is its TUI, it has many GUIs but usually it is preferred to use it from a command line.

Any other way of installing software is discouraged and possibly dangerous, most importantly, it is unsupported. Meaning that if your system breaks down, we can't help you and we can't know what is going wrong.
The other ways include using dpkg, rpm, ./configure && make && make install and such.
Are you sure that they are not available in portage?

I get:

Code: Select all

eix qbittorrent
* net-p2p/qbittorrent
     Available versions:  2.2.11 2.5.5 (~)2.7.2 [M](~)2.8.0_beta2 **9999 {+X dbus geoip libnotify}
     Description:         BitTorrent client in C++ and Qt

eix vuze
* net-p2p/vuze
     Available versions: (~) {elibc_FreeBSD source}
     Description:         BitTorrent client in Java, formerly called Azureus

* net-p2p/vuze-coreplugins
     Available versions: (~)
     Description:         Core plugins for Vuze that are included in upstream distribution

And, according from their sites, Vuze 4.6 and QBitTorrent 2.7.3 are the latest versions.
To add new repositories (technically overlays) to portage you use layman.
To add new repositories to entropy you edit: /etc/entropy/repositories.conf or you use the advanced mode of Sulfur.
Currently there are just a few repositories for entropy, the official repository, the testing (limbo) repository, the weekly repository and a community repository.
As far as I am aware you can't add Sourceforge as a repository.

Re: Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 14:16
by mitcoes
Thanks for your post... and

Yes I found at Sourceforge 2 upgraded versions, one stable the 2.7.3 what is what I want - but I cannot install it, I only install the 2.7.2 the other beta. I cannot program RSS downloads for TV shows as I do like to do, and I did in my previous Ubuntu installation.

I have just migrated to SL for 7 reasons,
1.- with precompiled packages I can install things faster than with emerge
2.- With emerge I can install Gentoo packages that are not precompiled yet
3.- With "sudo equo rescue spmsync" I can update Sulfur database
4.- With Sulfur i can make backups if I install something with make - I can go backwards
5.- With deb2targz and alien and make I'm supossed to install any Linux Package
6.- It is rolling release, I'm suposed not to upgrade distros.
7.- It is faster as Gentoo based distros are faster

But - i've just arrived from Ubuntu - I would like a distro that would allow me to install whatever Linux package I would like to - I know some at my own risk, but it is at every Linux distro isn't it? -

As SL distro is oriented to install packages from source I would like easy ways of installing this kind of packages from sources If it will be possible in a future from PPA sources, very popular this days, Sourceforge, Google code, and other popular repos, and if they create any stability problem easy ways of uninstalling them.

I supose there are some work in this way. I think than in a near future, graphene procesors will make compiling as fast as installing now, and Gentoo based distros will be the best choice for Linux users.

I have just installed Firefox4 from emerge and it was almost as fast as a deb installation at least not a lot more time.

If a future sulfur, in my opinion, would allow to install from PPAs, sourceforge, rpms and debs - converting automatically- this would be the "Universal package Linux distro" what, for a share of advanced Linux users that like to prove last progrmas versions would be great, and of course if you want stability you can choose not to use it, but having the choose to do it maybe sometimes it is worth even for users with more stability thinking.

Re: Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 19:04
by Thev00d00
You might want to file a Package Request

Re: Souceforge as repo and +

Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 19:06
by joost
Both torrent programs are in Entropy.
FYI Sabayon is not source based at all.