Installing Package Using Sulfur

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Installing Package Using Sulfur

Post by richardvk1rj » Fri Apr 08, 2011 13:53

Please be kind ... I am on a steep learning curve!

I have just installed 5.5 (Gnome) on my desktop and I have begun to customise it to include all my favourite programs. I dropped 'evolution' ... which I hate (no flames please) and installed 'claws-mail'. I will continue with Mozilla Firefox ... but I may go for something a bit snazzier like Opera or Chrome. For the moment I am feeling my way slowly ... and have begun to use an local repository and sulfur.

This brings me to the installation of a digital radio program called 'fldigi'. I thought that fldigi would be in the repositories ... but no go! Can someone please advise me as to how to download/install this program. Must I go to sources and build it ... or is there a community repository which specialises in amateur radio programs??

Many thanks for your help...


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Re: Installing Package Using Sulfur

Post by micia » Fri Apr 08, 2011 15:01

Hi richardvk1rj, welcome to the Sabayon Community,

fldigi is not available in entropy, you can install it using portage, following these steps:

1) getting all available packages in the Gentoo Tree:
(as root)

Code: Select all

emerge --sync
2) emerging the software:
(as root)

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emerge -1av fldigi
3) telling entropy what you have done with portage:
(as root)

Code: Select all

equo rescue spmsync
That software will be compiled from source, the details behind entropy and portage are documented in the Sabayon Wiki.

You also have the possibility to ask for that application to be added in entropy following these instructions:

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