Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggestions

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by Stupot » Sat Mar 26, 2011 17:06

I would prefer to hold off on a gui for the kernel switcher until it's proven to be stable (which it has not). It simply hasn't been around long enough/tested enough.

I think the ratings would be more useful if you knew how many people voted to get it where it is. Something along the lines of hovering over the stars would say "429 votes".

I also find the tabs under preferences to be odd looking visually. There are two layers of horizontal tabs right on top of each other. I would find it more visually appealing and slightly less confusing (not that I don't manage) if the tabs under the Preferences were vertical along the left side instead of hanging below the other tabs or if they were buttons like under Applications. I realize that would take up significantly more space for the tabs, it just reminds me too much of a double layer of tabs.

Full disclosure, I rarely use sulfur. I mainly use it if I'm not sure of a package name or I'm just looking for a certain type of application. For the second reason, it would be really awesome if (in advanced mode anyway) we could not only search the application name but we could also search tag words related to packages.

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by tekwyzrd » Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:40

Bring back the ability to view packages by category. If I'm looking for something in media-graphics it's a pain to scroll down and search for it. The old design from about two years ago with the selectable package categories was better than what's in place now. It's not much fun digging through one big bin full of apps.
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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by raman » Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:30

1. Dynamic search engine in one window with installed and not installed packages (simply choosing filter- all packages, inst. pack., not inst. pack). One overlap for packages - no more overlap -> programs, installed separetly. Upgrades overlap.
2. Programs on groups like -> internet, video, music, games etc.
3. If you need accept licenses, square to mark all licenses at once --> accept all licenses.
4. Faster Entropy opening. I think you are filtering packages, when Entropy is opening, therefore Entro is opening so long. It's better if I compare to old times, but still long time. Better way is, to first open basic menu, later filtering and displaying packages. On the filtering moment, you can add in Program Overlap Window on the middle, text like: Please wait or smth like that. Well optimized code, allow you to click and choose another overlap and doing another stuff, when a packages will be filtering in Programs Overlap.
5.Double-clicking to add package to install queue, if you want another option, right click and choose from menu.
6. Design optimalisation in advanced entropy mode, more intuitive grouping of options. Less overlaps.
7. Double-click on magneto to open Entropy window.

Simplicity is the best way to achieve beatiful and quick program, with less, intuitive options could be very userfriendly. I can guarantee that 95% of Entropy user, never check masked packages or which option file is protected.
They only open Entropy to do 3 simple stuff:
1. Upgrade
2. Search packages
3. Install packages

So you need only 2 overlaps:
1. Upgrades with button Upgrade. Simply method to choose all upgrades.
When you click upgrade, new Queue Window pop-up with packages queue and progress of installation. If needed,
Queue Window can pop-up with additional window if you need accept licenses. It's important that on this moment you could do another stuff on Entropy, so you have window with queue, you click on Entropy window, doing something, in example; in Programs Overlap.
2. Programs (sorting by installed, not inst., all) with Execute button. Search filed above or below.
When you click Execute button, pop-up Queue Window, which I mentioned above, with additional window if you need accept licenses.

So in example, if you choose some upgrades, click upgrade, Queue Window pop-up. So you click on Programs Window back in Entropy, choose some programs to install, or uinstall. Click Execute button and again Queue Window with at this moment upgrades progress show up, and you see that on end of list, now your program install, uinst. packages are adding.
And queue is executing. If finished, Queue Window is disapearing.

In my opinion it's not necessary to see all listed information about installation progress like you see now in Entropy. It's not bad, but to average users it's not needed. I think simpler way is: queue window with progress bar near listed packages.
Yes, I know it's like ubuntu packages installer, but is good and simple method. For the record I mentioned ubuntu because is popular and most ppl saw theirs packages installer, but this method of showing installation progress is in another distros, etc.
So, why you want us to do package installer like in another distros? Because is simply and intuitive. Only choose, click Execute and forget. And you can do another stuff with package inst., when you are click exexute, so you not need to wait, until first progress is end.

Another Idea, why not add package queue in equo? I know, you can choose now equo install mc krusader wine etc.....but if you forget something and you want add another stuff, you have to option, wait until end or brake installation process and run again all command with added new packages.
Why not something like this:
1. equo install mc wine gcc
Ohh f**** I forgot about amarok
2. equo install amarok
*****Equo running, add to queue*****

Another my proposal, but maybe it's only my observation. When I use Sab 5.4 and new upgrades was show up with new kernel 2.6.37 and another stuff, I installed them and was happy, that I have now Sab like 5.5 because I do all upgrades and change kernel to new one.
After this I was install Sab 5.5 from some reason (clear new installation) I saw that Sab is starting, a more faster.
I think is related with some configuration files, some options that developers change to fasten Sabayon.
So my idea is, if I'm correct, if you developers think that some configuration file change or user configuration files must be change, to improve Sabayon look or to fasten distro or do another important changes MUST BE necessary rewritten, pop-up this in Enrtopy, Sulfur, equo!!
Something like that, "Dear users we strongly reccomend to change this and this file, because..... If you accepted changes, your old files will be stored in blebleble location." Accept, Refuse. Something to add like special upgrade in Entropy Upgrades Overlap. So you can only add new category in Entropy Upgrades Window.

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by raman » Wed Mar 30, 2011 13:59

Do my post is useful? Maybe I wrote something that you dont understand or you need some more explanation? Sorry, my English is not perfect and I have problem to write my thoughts correctly.

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by Stupot » Wed Mar 30, 2011 15:24

raman, were you expecting feedback on your suggestion?

This thread is for lots of people to give suggestions. If we carried on a discussion about each suggestion, this thread would become unwieldy. Rest assured, your suggestion will be read and considered.

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by gluni » Thu May 19, 2011 9:38

What about being able to sort installed packages by "download size" or "installed size"?
This way people could see what installed programm takes what place. (ubuntu´s synaptic does that pretty well)

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by Oranjer » Sun Jun 26, 2011 19:09

Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggestions << Good questions.
The usability is very important i think and let me make it clear.

1) 'Sel' box of Available Application need 4 clicks before you reach 'Selected 1 pakages' to install

1st click to that package then it become highlighted
2nd click the 'box' there will be 2 option install & Properties
3rd click 'install' to choose install
4th there will be all dependencies you need to click 'OK button'

i think it should be nice if reduce this process by just 1-2 clicks in this case i think it should no pop up in 2nd click (no option 'Properties) moreover 'Sel' need to rename to 'Select'

2) Bring some features in Advance Mode to Basic Mode

in this case i like to see Available , Installed Application it is intuitive & useful i think also Security tab.
and i agree the part of this review ... nux-5-4/2/

3) Rename 'Commit Actions' button in Install tab

yes just rename it !, for advance user/developer 'Commit Action' okay but for average users i think you may need to rename it to 'Install It Now' or something that make sense.

Best Regards,
Thank in advance.

Oranjer :pirat:

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by Runaway1956 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 16:14

This thread seems to be getting old - but I have a small suggestion.

I'm new to Sabayon, and had a little trouble installing Firefox. There's no indicator telling the user that the individual download is x% finished, or that it is expected to complete in y amount of time. I gave up three times on installing Firefox, before I discovered what others had written about Firefox installation. The time I wasted exceeded the time required for the download and installation. Had an indicator told me that the download was 35% complete, I would have waited for it!

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by spockofborg » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:07

+1 for gluni's idea of sorting by downloaded/installed size..

...Actually how about more columns, selectable of course, and being able to sort on those columns.

A way to mask packages from the updates/available lists, like an option along with Install/Properties. Not a biggie, as it can be done with equo easily enough.

A way to expand (and more importantly) collapse the ever growing list of available packages.. keyboard shortcut, widget.. I don't care.. I just know I'm not alone in caring whether of not I see most of the list all at once.

In general, keyboard shortcuts would be AWESOME! Aside from being able to expand/collapse the package lists, selecting packages and queuing/unqueuing selections would be the biggies.

By far the biggest problem I have with Sulfur is the inability to save the queue list and restore it later. As it stands, if I click somewhere I shouldn't have before I "commit actions" (like edit the repo list) or something goes wrong in the middle of an update then EVERYTHING I'd spent hours carefully choosing to be installed will be GONE. I can't even tell you how many times this has happened, and I'm not exaggerating when I say "hours" here - Often I get 500+ packages at once, mostly updates but also some new things I'd like to try too.. so having to go back and try to remember all those individual packages from both lists is a maddeningly frustrating huge waste of time. PLEASE add this feature.. I beg you.

Thanks for a great distribution - can't wait for it to get even better!

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Re: Do you have any Entropy Store/Sulfur UI Redesign Suggest

Post by mythus » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:18


I find the selecting of packages to be unwieldy and time consuming. I'd like to see something along the line of you click once on a package, and *poof* a check-mark/box turns green/package is selected for install. Only if the package has other packages that it pulls in does it/should it make a pop-up window appear that gives you the list of other packages it wants with the options of allowing them to be downloaded, etc if they are optional.

"But what if you want to see the details/info of a package?"

Then either simply right click to get the info, or have a bottom frame that gives the info of currently selected packages! With the later part I am thinking along the lines of the package manager GUI in Chakra linux. It is actually a very nice GUI IMO, and provides a bottom frame that actually calls up the website of said application. It also has a default news tab that it starts in giving valuable information about package changes and the like that I think would be beneficial for Entrophy Store to have.
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