Masking upgradable packages not taken into account [Solved]

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Masking upgradable packages not taken into account [Solved]

Post by neduard » Thu Mar 10, 2011 19:08

I ran into an interesting (strange?) situation while trying to mask out the new revision of the kernel (sabayon-2.6.37-r3)
The thing is, that even though I've added in entropy/package.mask the lines

Code: Select all

equo would still promt me about how it couldn't satisfy the dependencies. However, after manually upgrading a separate package, such as sabayon-skel (which isn't dependent on the kernel), equo now takes into account the masked packages, and `equo upgrade` will run correctly, upgrading all packages that aren't masked (and with all dependencies satisfied).

Now I'm not too familiar with the inner workings of equo... but is this normal?

It should also be noted that even after removing the packages from the .mask file, they still aren't considered for upgrade by equo, so how can I get equo to upgrade them? (issuing `equo install` works, but this means that I have to install - and thus upgrade - each package manually)

Edit: marked as bug (#2280)
Edit2: fixed as of entropy 1.0_alpha34

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