linux starter needs help with Entropy (Sulfur)

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linux starter needs help with Entropy (Sulfur)

Post by mkmann » Sun Nov 07, 2010 13:09

Good evening,
I, as a rather first time Linux user, who's recently made the switch from windows, still have a lot of programms only working on Windows, so decided to get Wine. Using entropy, the GUI looks differently than the one described in the wiki, with a missing bar on the left hand side, therefore couldn't put the packages in the queu, and the commit Actions button staying unclickable. I'd like to know if there is any new documentation on this issue, or if it's simply my fault, and if so, a nice little guide for dummys such as me.
Version, in case of interest is; Sabayon_Linux_5.4_x86_K
Thanks in advance for any advice

Moderator edit: Added "Sulfur" to the Subject as mkmann is asking for help with Sulfur. (I don't use Sulfur myself, otherwise I'd chip in.)

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Re: linux starter needs help with Entropy (Sulfur)

Post by kevp75 » Wed May 04, 2011 22:49

I am having the same problem. 'Commit Actions' is greyed out

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Re: linux starter needs help with Entropy (Sulfur)

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Thu May 05, 2011 0:06

mkmann, I don't use Sulfur myself and don't have Entropy installed on my main laptop, but I fired up an SL 5.5 LiveDVD ISO in VirtualBox to see how Sulfur works these days.

BTW, the SL Wiki has to be updated by users (anyone can register on the Wiki page to edit it). The small, hard-working development team are volunteers who also have day jobs, and they are busy working on the development and maintenance of the distribution. So if someone from the community who uses Sulfur does not update the Wiki article then it will not necessarily be up-to-date. Having said that, I've just had a cursory glance at the Sulfur article in the SL Wiki and the pictures don't look that different to what I have seen now.

Anyway, I fired up Sulfur, updated the repositories, clicked on the 'Applications' tab, clicked on 'Sulfur' on the menu bar and selected 'Advanced Mode', clicked on 'Search', entered "wine" (without the quotes) in the pop-up window, hit Enter, selected "wine-1.3.18" in the list of packages, right-clicked (I had to do it twice) on the green box and selected 'Update', clicked 'OK' in the pop-up 'Please Confirm' window, clicked on 'Install', clicked on 'Commit Actions', clicked on 'Ignore' in a pop-up window telling me to install another package, clicked on 'Accept Licence' in the pop-up window for each of the packages listed, and the installation of the relevant packages is being displayed in a Progress pane as I type this.

Hopefully the above description should be enough to guide you through the process.

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