how to make local repository from windows to sabayon

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how to make local repository from windows to sabayon

Post by sniper007 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 20:49

hi all . i need to make a repository because i have slow conection to internet and i love source . :lol: can i make a local repository of packages form like other distro and write in cd and use ? how ? how to choose custom package ? thanks for answer.

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Re: how to make local repository from windows to sabayon

Post by albfneto » Tue Aug 03, 2010 20:58

i never made this,since my net is fast, but i have in mind that the gentoo architeture linuxes may have dependencies when used without net..., and also Sabayon have, many, many packages.

but i suggest to you to try a simply procedure:

1) for identify, for select the packages that you want, the more easy manner is to open sulfur, it have the names of all packages.

2) create a home dir, example, /home/user (use your user name in place of "user")/Desktop/repo.

2) download all the packages that you want (choosed with the aid of Sulfur) from:

3) and save in this dir, therefore made a copy to a CD ou a DVD. in this manner you will have the packages in the CD.
if you choosed many, an CD is not sufficient to store then

4) Open Sulfur again and choose from the menu "Sulfur" "Install from Binary", and when the window open, choose to install the package from your CD or DVD.
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Re: how to make local repository from windows to sabayon

Post by Reisilver » Tue Apr 12, 2011 16:34

but only works with Internet service packages to solve, for example free office could not be installed with this method since it does not resolve dependencies without an Internet connection, the idea is that the sulfur resolve the dependencies from the folder packages local , the best to make a database of packages and add the folder as a local repository but how?

The idea is dont use internet connection , only work the local repository , the folder with packages.

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