A request re. kde-base/kde-meta

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A request re. kde-base/kde-meta

Post by Marius » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:57

I initially installed Sabayon 5.o/GNOME, so in order to have also KDE, I needed to install


which installed over 200 hundred of KDE packages. Among these there were well over 40 games and game related packages. I suppose I am not the only one who would much prefer that installing all these games be an option---like in the DVD installer, not a default KDE installation.

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Re: A request re. kde-base/kde-meta

Post by Fitzcarraldo » Sat Nov 28, 2009 13:45

Well, the games are part of the base install by this meta package. If you look at the ebuild you can see the next level of meta packages. You could install those instead, omitting the ones you don't want. See the list in the ebuild copied below:

Code: Select all

# Copyright 1999-2009 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: /var/www/viewcvs.gentoo.org/raw_cvs/gentoo-x86/kde-base/kde-meta/kde-meta-4.3.3.ebuild,v 1.1 2009/11/02 20:58:34 wired Exp $

inherit kde4-functions

DESCRIPTION="KDE - merge this to pull in all non-developer, split kde-base/* packages"

KEYWORDS="~alpha ~amd64 ~hppa ~ia64 ~ppc ~ppc64 ~x86"
IUSE="accessibility kdeprefix nls"

# excluded: kdebindings, kdesdk, kdevelop, since these are developer-only
   $(add_kdebase_dep kate)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdeadmin-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdeartwork-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdebase-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdeedu-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdegames-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdegraphics-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdemultimedia-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdenetwork-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdepim-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdeplasma-addons)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdetoys-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdeutils-meta)
   $(add_kdebase_dep kdewebdev-meta)
   accessibility? ( $(add_kdebase_dep kdeaccessibility-meta) )
   nls? ( $(add_kdebase_dep kde-l10n) )

Simple Hen
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Re: A request re. kde-base/kde-meta

Post by Marius » Sun Nov 29, 2009 0:59

Thank you, Fitzcarraldo, for your response. I noticed those second-level KDE meta packages yesterday but not knowing exactly what kde-meta package does I was reluctant to use them as my goal was to get the KDE desktop exactly as it was designed for Sabayon 5.o (minus games). In any case, I didn't expect that many games (!!).

I have a suggestion for the Entropy packagers re. the packages, like kde-meta, that pull out second-level meta packages:

during the package installation present the user with the dialog asking to choose the install options, e.g.,

(1) complete KDE desktop
(2) complete KDE desktop minus 'games'
(3) ...
(4) ...

That would be really really useful for an Entropy user and since it would apply only to a few packages that install whole environments like GNOME, KDE, Xfce, ..., it would not require much work at all on the packager's side. In fact, I strongly suggest that all or nearly all Desktop environments have accompanying Entropy meta packages.

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