Problems with compiz on Sabayon 5.0 - ATI video card

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Problems with compiz on Sabayon 5.0 - ATI video card

Post by Crazymike0484 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:54


I'm a newby to the Sabayon and linux world.

I've an pc (quad-core 6600, 4gb system ram at 800Mhz, ati radeon 4850 video card, 1Gb DDR3), and i've installed the Sabayon. Since the 1st instalation i've problems with the compiz.

My english isn't very good, but i will try to explain the problem:

When i start the Sabayon, the compiz is always deactivated, but when i activate the compiz, it starts working and shows the amazing efects... The problem is, when i open a window, it appears normal with all the itens inside, but show the scroll down, or even to click the options inside, when i minimize the window, and next i maximize the same windows, it appears an blank window, so, i do it again, and i can see again the icons inside, but stills doesn't show properly the itens. :?

At the menu to start programs, and other things, it shows the words, but not the icons, if i close the start menu, and open it again, it shows correctly again...

However, the computer works correctly with the compiz deactivated, without any special effects.

I've the propreatary drivers instaled for my video card, and i've put all the sets to the minimal, but didn't solved the problem. I've also upadted the system from the offical repository, and the problem persists... :roll:

Another thing that i noticed, is the sounds from the system, every time is activaded by an action, before the sound is heard, is heard an "crunck", and after that the sound is played normaly. Is very enerving to ear several "cruncks" every time that i open an window or i execute an application, or even when i logon or logoff my account, or i start the system or power down. :(

Any help to put the system ok, would be great help to me!

I wounder if this is an "bug" to correct on Sabayon.

Thanks to all!
Miguel Ferreira

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