valgrind doesn't work in Sabayon 5.0

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valgrind doesn't work in Sabayon 5.0

Post by archwndas » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:57

Dear all,
valgrind is a memory debugger, extrEmely Useful. I installed it from Entropy. I am running Sabayon 5.0 KDE 64bit. Trying to debug something with valgrind I get the following error:

valgrind: Fatal error at startup: a function redirection
valgrind: which is mandatory for this platform-tool combination
valgrind: cannot be set up. Details of the redirection are:
valgrind: A must-be-redirected function
valgrind: whose name matches the pattern: strlen
valgrind: in an object with soname matching:
valgrind: was not found whilst processing
valgrind: symbols from the object with soname:
valgrind: Possible fix: add splitdebug to FEATURES in make.conf and remerge glibc.
valgrind: Cannot continue -- exiting now. Sorry.

Any ideas?

Sagely Hen
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Re: valgrind doesn't work in Sabayon 5.0

Post by micia » Wed Oct 14, 2009 9:49

According to this bug:

Valgrind has troubles with the optimized version of strlen on amd64 systems, the 3.5 version
fixes this issue, but it is still not available in portage.

I found this ebuild:
You could also request for valgrind 3.5 on entropy.

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