Equo world gives 328 packages. [Solved]

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Equo world gives 328 packages. [Solved]

Post by Miles C. » Tue Oct 06, 2009 23:50

I just freshly installed Sabayon 5.0K from the dvd. A quick equo update, equo install equo, equo world gives me 328 packages. Is this right? I figured an operating system that came out on friday wouldn't be 328 packages out of date with the entropy tree, so I wanted to ask, and make sure I wasn't pulling in tons of garbage I didn't want/need.

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Re: Equo world gives 328 packages.

Post by wolfden » Wed Oct 07, 2009 2:27

Yes, it is right.

Please remember that the OS is built on a freezed branch to get it built and stable. The package managing still updates and as time goes on, the amount of packages will increase. Always update to the latest packager manager first.

Portage moves fast and daily so our package managing is a constantly moving. To get an idea:

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