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Openoffice java support

Post by gowger » Fri Aug 21, 2009 0:51

Hi All,

I had trouble connecting openoffice to a database via jdbc and eventually decided to investigate with portage. Portage reported that the entropy version didn't have java support built in!! Why is this ?

I try rebuilding it by using the portage I get failures with various versions from either source or from binary version.

People may like to know that the portage binary versions have java support enabled.

When I installed the binary versions I got file collision errors resulting in no progress even after I had apparently removed them (purged) from entropy. I eventually just rm -rf on the lib directories, not an approach I would recommend to others but at least now I have the openoffice installed from binary version in portage. I'm not too comfortable with the digression of entropy from portage however as the whole point of having a gentoo based system is the flexibility of the use flags. And the great thing about sabayon is that it gets you a system I'm mostly happy with much faster than the traditional gentoo build everything method.

Any tips ?

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