SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.0 RC2

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SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.0 RC2

Post by lxnay » Wed Aug 16, 2006 1:49

ANNOUNCE: SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.0RC2

THANKS to our BETA team, Christopher Villareal (cvill64) and Rùben Gonçalves - sparse order:
  • Danny Brown
  • Luca Palermo
  • Luca Casagrande
  • Patrick Keane
  • Olivier (BuBU)
  • Clemens Koller
  • John Hawk
  • Raoul Rossbach
  • -- Since I surely have missed someone - please mail me!!! :)
August 15th, 2006 - The Internet:

"Sabayon is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air."

The World's first and fastest Gentoo Linux powered distribution now changes its name. A change of style and unification for the RR4/RR64 Linux projects. Our mission is simple: making things that just work, using one of the most scalable Operating System.

  • New SabayonLinux branding and theming (for GNOME, KDE and XGL/cgwd)
  • Desktop Wallpaper copyright by Tigaer Design
  • New SabayonLinux Installer (based on Anaconda Installer from FC5, boot with "gentoo installer-gui" to directly start the Graphical Installation and "console installer-text" for the Text-based Installation)
  • Media Center functionalities (Run Freevo automagically using "mediacenter" kernel and GeeXbox using "geexbox" kernel)
  • Complete support (except DRI for now on Intel based video cards) for Intel Macs on the Live system (no installation support yet)
  • ColdWar Demo (the fastest way to try ColdWar on a GNU/Linux system) just boot using "coldwar" or "coldwarsmp"
  • Linux kernel (genpatches 6) and a highly improved Hardware detection
  • Latest ATI 8.27.10 video drivers with improved XGL support
  • Packages based sporting GCC 4.1 optimizations
  • Complete LVM2 and software RAID support on the Installer
  • KDE 3.5.4, GNOME 2.12.3, XFCE 4.2.3, Fluxbox 1.0RC1, Enlightenment 16
  • Skype 1.3 ! (finally)
  • Complete Gstreamer 0.10 support
  • Network Manager and KNetworkManager integration
  • Complete and enhanced Localization support on both Live and installed system
  • New SabayonLinux Portage overlay management
  • New session= boot option for x86-64 (session=kde, session=xfce, session=fluxbox, session=gnome, session=e16 to autologin into a specific desktop)
  • New opengl= boot option for x86-64 (available options: xorg-x11,nvidia,ati)
  • Added xdriver= boot option to force X.Org to use a specific video driver
  • Added sound=mute to disable the automatic sound mixer configuration
  • Added Tor/Privoxy support to x86-64 (to enable TOR just add "tor" at the ISOLINUX prompt)
  • Optimized memory consumption (reduced the memory requirement from 18Mb)
Bug fixes, important updates and new applications (for a complete list of the packages, see below):
  • Portage Snapshot from 02 August 2006
  • New SabayonLinux overlay (
  • Updated NetworkManager to 0.6.4
  • Changed default CFLAGS on SL x86-64 to get everything compile correctly (x86-64)
  • Updated GRUB with SabayonLinux theme
  • kdelibs now compiled with ACL support
  • Updated rt2570 driver to a working CVS snapshot
  • Removed compiz-vanilla and added compiz-quinnstorm
  • Compiz now uses cgwd and its themes
  • Updated gnash to 0.7.1_p20060704 on x86-64
  • Updated Amarok to 1.4.2_beta1
  • Updated Kuroo to 0.80.2
  • Updated Opera to 9.0
  • Updated ALSA to 1.0.12_rc1
  • Updated aMule to 2.1.3
  • Updated WINE to 0.9.18 on x86
  • Updated ATI Drivers to 8.27.10
  • Updated Inkscape to 0.44
  • Updated Azureus to
  • Updated CUPS to 1.2.2
  • Updated OpenOffice to 2.0.3
  • Changed NetworkManager and kNetworkManager policy to use plugdev group
  • KDE Language configuration now configure the root user too
  • Changed the hostname to sabayonx86 and sabayonx86-64
  • Changed the Primary User to sabayonuser (on the LIVE System just press Enter on the Login screen)
  • Updated to sys-fs/ntfsprogs-1.13.1 with fuse enabled (Read/Write NTFS is now possible)
  • Unified the GNOME and KDE Update Installer Icon
  • Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice now have the chosen localization (if the Language Pack is available)
  • Improved Intel video card auto detection (i945 and i845 are now automatically configured)
  • Changed Default GTK icons theme to Tango
  • Disabled SSH root login by default
  • Disabled Option DPMS in xorg.conf
  • Removed problematic progsreiserfs
  • Correctly masked all X.Org 7.1
  • fixed X.Org Cirrus driver on x86
  • removed problematic kdelibs pertty patches on x86-64
  • removed buggy confcache on x86
  • Added ManDVD 2.0.9
  • Added Kmldonkey 0.10.1
  • Added Firestarter 1.0.3 to x86-64
  • Added ekiga 2.0.2 and asterisk 1.2.9_p1
  • Added kmyfirewall 1.0.1
  • Added Google Earth Beta4 to x86-64
  • Added pine to x86-64
  • Added knock to x86-64
  • Added /usr/share/sounds/sabayonlinux_startup.ogg as startup sound (sweet! thanks
  • Added Basket 0.5
  • Added unionfs 1.3 support to x86
  • Added module-rebuild to x86-64
  • Added rt61 wireless driver
  • Added ATM support to ppp utility
  • Added br2684ctl driver
  • Added ueagle-atm driver
  • Added acx driver to x86
  • This distribution contains libdvdcss look here if you live in the U.S. !.
  • This distribution contains proprietary and non-GPL softwares too (like from NVIDIA, ATI, Google, etc). Before running them, be sure to read their license and agree with that, otherwise, just remove those applications. To run SabayonLinux without Proprietary drivers, just use "noproprietary" boot flag.
  • Reiser4 is disabled on the Installer (to enabled it just add "reiser4" to your boot options) - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
  • When you exit ColdWar (if you boot with "coldwar" and "coldwarsmp") the System will shut down automatically.
  • Trademarks are property of their respective owners, everywhere.
RESOURCES for SabayonLinux x86 3.0RC2 (revision F): RESOURCES for SabayonLinux x86-64 3.0RC2 (revision A):

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