RR4 Linux 3.0RC1b miniEdition

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RR4 Linux 3.0RC1b miniEdition

Post by lxnay » Sat Jul 01, 2006 9:57

ANNOUNCE: RR4 Linux 3.0 RC1b miniEdition (CD release) - UPDATED


July 4th, 2006 - The Internet:

RR4 Linux 3.0 RC1 miniEdition, commonly called the "mini", is the CD release of the latest RR4 Linux. The creation of this special version, has been made by an automatic script that has shrinked down the whole chroot jail by removing every duplicated, useless or server-oriented package. Preserving intact the multimedia orientation of every lxnay dEsigN release is my mission. So, enjoy that beautiful piece of software on a single CD

  • Same techinical specifications of RR4 Linux 3.0RC1 (full), except:
    - No SMP kernel available
    - Latest proprietary drivers from ATi ( 8.25.18 ) and nVIDIA ( 8762 )
    - Faster boot time compared to RR4 Linux and very fast on memory constrained systems
    - Fluxbox available as a viable alternative to KDE 3.5.3
    - No extra language available by default (only English): they could be installed after the installation
    - No Stage 1,2,3 installation
    - CD to HD installation 4-5 times faster than the full RR4 Linux
    - Multimedia features kept intact
CHANGES FROM RR4 LINUX 3.0RC1a miniEdition (to 3.0RC1b):
  • Fixed Mozilla Firefox bug
CHANGES FROM RR4 LINUX 3.0RC1 miniEdition (to 3.0RC1a):
  • Fix for /etc/init.d/splash service
  • Fix some stuff in the shipped Portage database
  • Updated NetworkManager 0.6.3
  • Updated ivtv driver to 0.6.2
  • Moved rt2400,2500,2570 drivers to rt2x00 package
  • alsa updated to 1.0.12_rc1 --> fixes ARTS CPU overload problem
  • bettered support for OpenGL ATI and NVIDIA Corporation cards (like GeForce 6200)
RESOURCES (RELEASED RR4 Linux 3.0RC1a miniEdition): This will be the last release that will be called RR4 Linux
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