Sabayon Linux 3.3 x86/x86-64: Press Release

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Sabayon Linux 3.3 x86/x86-64: Press Release

Post by lxnay » Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:35

Press release: Sabayon Linux x86/x86-64 3.3


March 16th, 2007 - The Internet:

"Sabayon is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air." Source: Wikipedia.

This new release, is firstly dedicated to someone that is not beside me anymore, my dad. The Beta testing team, Luca, our developers and me, agree that is the most perfect, complete and stable version ever released. It's faster, smarter, lightier and comes with a ton of exciting and highly awaited features. It's a tank and you can't do much against it.

What happened?
  • New features and improvements:
  • Sabayon Linux kernel sources based on 2.6.20 featuring wireless-dev, unionfs, squashfs 3.0, Afatech 9005 support, MacTel enhanced support
  • Both systems completely recompiled with new LDFLAGS that give an extra performance boost and reactivity
  • Featuring both software raid support and dmraid 1.0
  • GeeXbox has been updated to 1.1rc1 waiting for the upcoming 2.0 release.
  • Gentoo Portage import freeze was on the 20th of January, 2007
  • Complete artwork redesign to meet the new marketing strategy
  • Faster boot time thanks to massive startup optimizations
  • Created the basis to the yet highly experimental eINIT support trough the selection of the accelerated init system using (accel_init=/sbin/einit)
  • Featuring HAL 0.5.9 and D-Bus 1.0.2 for an out-of-the-box laptop experience
  • X.Org 7.2 featuring AIGLX and Composite support
  • Beryl 0.2.0r2 supporting XGL, AIGLX and NVIDIA Composite extension
  • NVIDIA Drivers 9755 and 9631 (legacy - automatically triggered - to disable append nvidia=disablelegacy to the boot prompt. To force 9631, append nvidia=forcefail instead) sporting our runtime linking feature
  • Support for the latest NVIDIA GPUs like GeForce 8800 GTX
  • ATI Drivers 8.34.8 sporting our runtime linking feature
  • ATI GPU detection improved for X600, X700, X8xx video cards
  • Metisse 0.4 Technology Preview ONLY for GNOME and KDE desktops
  • Outstanding wireless support thanks to the drivers imported from the wireless-dev linux kernel git tree (sporting the cutting edge DeviceScape IEEE802xx stack) and to a much more integrated NetworkManager stack
  • Outstanding NTFS support in read/write mode thanks to NTFS-3G 1.0
  • Fonts rendering highly improved on all the Desktop Environments (fonts look sharp and clean now)
  • The award winning Acceleration Manager has been rewritten using Qt 4.2 and it's 2x times faster than the old one (latest release is 1.3.2)
  • KDE 3.5.6 with Sabayon Linux integration patches
  • GNOME 2.16.2 with a highly improved Sabayon Linux integration
  • New Games on the DVD! (removed Quake4 and added Sauerbraten - aka Cube 2 - and Battle of Wesnoth)
  • Get Live Help extended to the shell using irssi (you can run "get-live-help" without X.Org, chat with us and get helped, LIVE!)
  • New Virtualization Support stack featuring: KVM-12 (fully supported), libvirt and Virt-Manager GUI (Technology Preview ONLY)
  • Music Edition is now enabled by default (you'll hear a nice music made by Tryad on during the Live boot - CC License)
  • Sabayon Linux Installer is now about 25% faster on fresh installations and 10% faster on upgrades
  • 6th Sense Install upgrades now could be considered much more ironed out and tested but still EXPERIMENTAL
  • New users creation after install will have the new Sabayon Linux default look
  • Automatic and out-of-the-box video card auto-reconfiguration after install: if you'll upgrade your PC to a new video card, the system will auto-reconfigure X.Org automatically
  • Finally we have a LVM Management GUI imported from RH - system-config-lvm
  • Language Configuration Helpers have been rewritten and ironed out
  • Mozilla applications language autoconfiguration now works nicely
  • Added Safe Internet Browsing Helpers to easily enable/disable Tor/Privoxy stack after install on GNOME, Ephipany, KDE, Konqueror, Mozilla applications and Opera. See /sbin/safe-browsing-setup
  • Netscape Flash now works out-of-the-box on Firefox, Konqueror and Opera browsers
  • Tons of stability fixes.
We really want to thank all the members of our crazy Beta Testing Team. Thanks!

  • We encourage you to use 3.3 iso as a base and patch as this is the most efficient mode of transfer for such bug fixes and then set up to seed the torrent for those that cannot. Make sure you check your md5sums!
  • As of linux kernel 2.6.19, all hard drives are seen as sd* through SCSI emulation. As such, our installer compensates for this and does its best to query your hardware set up and properly set grub and fstab during installation time. You must upgrade your installer for the latest fixes. If you run into problems with this, please file a bug report at
  • This distribution contains libdvdcss look here if you live in the U.S. !.
  • This distribution contains proprietary and non-GPL softwares too (like from NVIDIA, ATI, Google, etc). Before running them, be sure to read their license and agree with that, otherwise, just remove those applications. To run SabayonLinux without Proprietary drivers, just use "noproprietary" boot flag.
  • When you exit ColdWar or Sauerbraten the System will shut down automatically.
  • Trademarks are property of their respective owners, everywhere.
Using this feature, you can upgrade any Gentoo-based installation (Gentoo, VLOS, RR4, RR64) to the latest SabayonLinux without losing your personal data and settings. Our Team, however, will only actively support the upgrades using SabayonLinux as base.
Also, you can:
  • 6th senseing your running system: installed packages will be updated to the ones on the DVD and the conflicting ones automatically removed.
  • You can fix your current installation by choosing to reinstall every package, This will take a lot of time but will resurrect your SabayonLinux installation in cases of hard damaging.
  • You could (even if it's not so much tested) even upgrade your 32bit installation to a powerful 64bit one (but not the contrary) by using the function described above.
  • You can re-configure/reinstall your GRUB (Boot) settings/ without touching any configuration file and/or command line.
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