SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.26: press release

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SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.26: press release

Post by cvill64 » Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:27

Press release: SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.26


January 7th, 2007 - The Internet:

"Sabayon is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air." Source: Wikipedia.

Today we release the last bugfix release of the 3.2 branch of Sabayon Linux x86 and x86-64 before heading back into 3.3 development. As I said, this is mostly a bugfix release and here below you can find the changes.

[BF] means bugfix, [F] means feature:
  • [BF] Linux kernel 2.6.19 with:
  • --> sata_promise driver now supports PATA connectors too
  • --> ata_mpiix and pata_oldmpiix updates (this should hopefully fix kernel panics with Intel boards)
  • --> pata_sis updates (same as above)
  • [BF] Ndiswrapper updated to 1.34rc2
  • [BF] KVM now is detected and works out of the box on VT-enabled CPUs
  • [BF] KDE Print Control Panel now works
  • [BF] bcm43xx firmwares have been updated
  • [BF] nvidia-legacy-drivers now triggers correctly (still experimental)
  • [F] Abiword has been updated to 2.4.6
  • [F] Democracy Player has been updated to
  • [BF] Amarok now works
  • [F] ALSA updated to 1.0.14rc1
  • [F] Flash Player updated to
  • [F] XGL updated to 0.0.1_pre20061108
  • [BF] Installer: multi user configuration now works
  • [BF] Installer: doslowusb is now triggered correctly
  • [BF] Installer: libata migration tool now should solve most of the issues automatically
  • [F] Highly improved boot time by triggering doslowusb only when really needed, this allows to save 30 seconds during the Live boot process when there isn't any usb-storage device connected
  • [F] OpenGL autoconfiguration now takes half of the time to autoconfigure your video card and in case of Open Source drivers it takes no time at all
  • [F] OpenGL autoconfiguration now detects Radeon <9000 cards with much more accuracy
  • [F/B] NoMachine NX Server Free Edition has now the proper licence key and the startup is a lot faster
The SL team would like to thank you all for your astonishing feedback and helping us make this distro better.

  • We encourage you to use 3.26 iso as a base and patch as this is the most efficient mode of transfer for such bug fixes and then set up to seed the torrent for those that cannot. Make sure you check your md5sums!
  • As of linux kernel 2.6.19, all hard drives are seen as sd* through SCSI emulation. As such, our installer compensates for this and does its best to query your hardware set up and properly set grub and fstab during installation time. You must upgrade your installer for the latest fixes. If you run into problems with this, please file a bug report at
  • This distribution contains libdvdcss look here if you live in the U.S. !.
  • This distribution contains proprietary and non-GPL softwares too (like from NVIDIA, ATI, Google, etc). Before running them, be sure to read their license and agree with that, otherwise, just remove those applications. To run SabayonLinux without Proprietary drivers, just use "noproprietary" boot flag.
  • Reiser4 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This will be reaccessed at a later time.
  • When you exit ColdWar or Quake4 (if you boot with "coldwar" or "quake4") the System will shut down automatically.
  • Trademarks are property of their respective owners, everywhere.
Using this feature, you can upgrade any Gentoo-based installation (Gentoo, VLOS, RR4, RR64) to the latest SabayonLinux without losing your personal data and settings. Our Team, however, will only actively support the upgrades using SabayonLinux as base.
By the way, for who doesn't care about that, I'd like to explain two major features of this amazing piece of Python code:
  • You can fix your current installation by choosing to reinstall every package, This will take a lot of time but will resurrect your SabayonLinux installation in cases of hard damaging.
  • You could (even if it's not so much tested) even upgrade your 32bit installation to a powerful 64bit one (but not the contrary) by using the function described above.
  • You can re-configure/reinstall your GRUB (Boot) settings/ without touching any configuration file and/or command line.

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Post by lxnay » Mon Jan 08, 2007 10:39

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