Sabayon 9: GNOME, KDE and Xfce

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Sabayon 9: GNOME, KDE and Xfce

Post by lxnay » Sat Jun 09, 2012 9:14

We're once again here to announce the immediate availability of Sabayon 9 in all of its tier-1 flavours. If you really enjoyed Sabayon 8, this is just another step towards World domination.
There you have it, shining at full bright, for your home computer, your laptop and your home servers.
Linux 3.4, GNOME 3.2.3, KDE 4.8.3, Xfce 4.10, LibreOffice 3.5.3 are just some of the things you will find inside the box.
Gentoo Hardened features, Rigo -- a new way of browsing Applications, ZFS tech-preview (and limited due to license conflicts), PAE kernel for x86 (32bit) versions, and much more.

Gentoo Hardened
A lot of effort has been put into securing the base system packages, introducing the Gentoo Hardened profile into the Sabayon ecosystem (yet in a gradual way, hardened kernel might come in the near future).

During this cycle, Rigo, a new concept of minimalistic and easy to use Application Browser User Interface, has seen the light, replacing Sulfur as the default Entropy GUI. In a few words, Rigo is a search-based, modern, modular and scalable application for browsing Sabayon packages. It composed by RigoDaemon, which is the dbus system service, a Gtk3 UI and a UI-independent library. It includes 99% of the features people are supposed to find in a tool that can be used to find, update and remove applications, but the team is not done yet and would love to get some feedback about it.

Another outstanding feature is the ZFS tech-preview level support: due to license conflicts, our team was not allowed to provide a truly (including the Installer part) out-of-the-box support, but still, if you're interested in trying out an amazing filesystem like ZFS is, it's going to be straightforward after install!.

Talking about x86 (32bit) Sabayon, our team decided that it was time to switch to a PAE kernel, to allow people stuck with this ancient architecture to take advantage of more than 4GB of RAM.

More bug fixes
Besides the huge, and usual load of updates several minor bugs have been fixed. Please see the Sabayon 9 Tracker Bug to know more.

What has been released
What you find here is Sabayon GNOME, KDE, Xfce, SpinBase (bare-metal flavour for building your own ISO images), ServerBase (same but with server-optimized kernel) and CoreCDX, for those who like Fluxbox.

Download Links md5sums and released files
39d2075deb208696dd89b24bbc2d6bc6 Sabayon_Linux_9_amd64_G.iso
8d8f093ef432a3104a770da1d994ec79 Sabayon_Linux_9_amd64_K.iso
6c36026b2999bb4aab157766e50c1dac Sabayon_Linux_9_amd64_Xfce.iso
67f5fc7003bce6485de74e37e0ea9dc9 Sabayon_Linux_9_x86_G.iso
479d086b29cf07431117f8cd2bf810c3 Sabayon_Linux_9_x86_K.iso
572c991f7c4bf1a4707fe768fc1c89c7 Sabayon_Linux_9_x86_Xfce.iso
d4db3e43ceefafef166f870730b3e3d4 Sabayon_Linux_CoreCDX_9_amd64.iso
98d81a1e527bc3d53d55f9750924a8cb Sabayon_Linux_CoreCDX_9_x86.iso
f7b99e54112daaa06ca7cac44261f8bf Sabayon_Linux_ServerBase_9_amd64.iso
7fd9da293f75ab0a190da2fecb063110 Sabayon_Linux_ServerBase_9_x86.iso
ec2c7c0f8c2334b2f2a760b075034c40 Sabayon_Linux_SpinBase_9_amd64.iso
265e6d722681e3d62c8e630679096350 Sabayon_Linux_SpinBase_9_x86.iso
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