SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.2: press release

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SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.2: press release

Post by lxnay » Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:09

Press release: SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.2


November 27th, 2006 - The Internet:

"Sabayon is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet liquor (usually Marsala wine), and sometimes cream or whole eggs. It is a very light custard, which has been whipped to incorporate a large amount of air." Source: Wikipedia.

In less than two months, we are glad to announce another big, even more powerful, SabayonLinux release. Three.point.two version brings to your Computer the most advanced and cutting edge Linux software available nowadays. If you don't want to scroll down the whole ChangeLog, you should at least read what happened during the last month over here.

Keeping our "out-of-the-box" way of thinking, these are the major improvements:
  • Massively reduced boot time thanks to the integration of UnionFS and the parallelization of some time consuming boot tasks.
  • Really improved hardware support: new drivers added, strenghtened USB Scanner support, initial implementation of NVIDIA legacy drivers infrastructure, enhanced ATI drivers support, JMicron ATA support, AM2 NVIDIA mainboards support, and a lot, lot more.
  • Massively improved Sabayon Linux Installer speed and reliability (3x times faster).
  • 2GB squashfs limit broken, this means more applications (a lot), complete localizations support (all the language packs available have been included).
  • New Accelerated Desktop infrastructure for easily manage your Beryl-powered PC.
  • New KDE KickOff menu integration.
  • New artwork and new OS theme
I want to thank our Beta Team that gave us a huge and outstanding feedback, in particular (sparse order):
  • barcode
  • Dark_Mage
  • Patrick Keane
  • AjEz
  • Danny Brown
Complete Changelog:

Hardware Support:
  • Linux kernel (based on gentoo-sources-2.6.18-r2) with AM2-NVIDIA mainboard support and JMicron non-libata ATA driver
  • New modular infrastructure to autoconfigure X.Org (gpu-configurator and sabayonlive-tools, forked from Gentoo badly maintained livecd-tools)
  • Triple level of Monitor autoconfiguration (to restore SL3.1 behavior just boot adding noddc and forcing your favorite resolution with res=)
  • Added DRI support for Savage video cards
  • Added ati-drivers-extra
  • Better and stabler ATI drivers support featuring version 8.30.3
  • NVIDIA drivers 9629 fully supporting AIGLX
  • gspcav1 webcam driver support
  • spca5xx webcam driver support
  • bewan-adsl driver support
  • bcm43xx wireless driver out-of-the-box support
  • rt73 wireless driver out-of-the-box
  • rt61 wireless driver out-of-the-box
  • ivtv 0.8.1 driver support
New features (and new applications):
  • New applications:
  • KDE 3.5.5 (with UI improvements - pertty patches)
  • GNOME 2.16.1
  • Firefox 2.0
  • Kerry Beagle 0.2
  • WengoPhone 2.0
  • Gnucash 2.0
  • Soundkonverter 0.2.90
  • Blender 2.42a (missed on x86-64)
  • NoMachine NX infrastructure version 2.1.0
  • KeePassX 0.2.2
  • TrueCrypt 4.2
  • OpenOffice 2.0.4 (compiled - not bin - on both archs)
  • kOffice 1.6
  • Hugin 0.5(a photo stitch tool)
  • Added aircrack-ng 0.6.2
  • Added 915resolution
  • Added scim-m17n

    Improvements, new features, major updates:
  • 2006.1 Desktop Gentoo profile
  • Updated to Glibc 2.5
  • Added LFS support to kernel initramfs (to support >2GB squashfs)
  • Highly improved Live boot speed - UnionFS support
  • OpenGL subsystem autoconfiguration service is now launched in parallel
  • NetworkManager full integration with Gentoo subsystem (including static IP address configuration)
  • Sabayon Linux Music Edition: a preliminary boot music and 360 degrees multimedia support (featuring Tryad - Sampling Memory - released under CC license -
  • New ISOLINUX supporting gfxboot for an easier boot management
  • Added desktop-acceleration-helpers subsystem to assist AIGLX/XGL configuration
  • Added Acceleration Manager to manage AIGLX/XGL with few clicks
  • New Theme: Window decoration (Crystal), Wallpaper (, Gensplash Theme, KDE ksplash Theme, KDE Style (Polyester), SLI artwork
  • Added initial NVIDIA legacy drivers management
  • Updated Beryl to 0.1.2 (featuring a complete system integration)
  • Adobe Flash 9 (for both x86 and x86-64 - the latter wrapped by nspluginwrapper)
  • Amarok 1.4.4 with MusicBrainz and Picard support
  • Added KDM Theme, Gensplash theme to sabayonlinux-artwork if possible
  • Added x264 support to mplayer
  • Switched default font to DejaVu for better language support
  • Windows keyboard button mapped to KickOff/KMenu button
  • Added keyboard-configuration-helpers to assist and easily configure keyboard mappings system-wide
  • Added language-configuration-helpers to assist and easily configure language
  • Added support for Creative Audio devices in Amarok
  • New boot options (suitables after install) restorexconfig (to restore original X.Org configuration) and detectvideo (to redetect your video card)
  • New hsync= boot option to force a specific Horizontal Syncronization for your Monitor in X.Org
  • KDE now supports all available languages
  • Added kipi support to Gwenview
  • Added Democracy Player 0.9
  • Updated to dvd+rw-tools 7.0 (no more burning problems on some configurations)
  • Added Get Live Help Desktop icon (to get helped on IRC by us, or just to chat during the installation)
  • Added sys-auth/nss-mdns to support Zeroconf DNS system
  • Completely rewritten Live boot services for better performance and integration
  • Added cryptsetup-luks support to the kernel initrd
  • Tighly integrated KNetworkManager 0.1
Installer new features:
  • Added the ability to install the bootloader (GRUB) on a floppy drive
  • DVD-to-HD copy rewritten to greatly improve speed
  • New screenshots tour based on SL 3.2
  • Change the language selection text to something more appropriate
  • Letting the user to choose a longer username
  • Ironed out LVM support
  • Completely disable KDE VNC service after install
  • Added language-configuration-helpers support
  • Fixed Network configuration for static IP
  • Added desktop-acceleration-helpers support
  • Optimized Portage database and tree installation
  • Check if the OpenGL subsystem provided is correct. For example, if the user is not using fglrx, opengl=ati is not valid
  • Fixed "detectvideo" option and to use gpu-detector. Rework gpu-detector to work with a more generic xorg.conf
  • Add dolvm2 (to enable LVM support) option only when needed
  • Add doslowusb (if you install on an USB drive) option only when needed
  • Added the use of portage-utils when available: these are some portage tools written in C that are 2x times faster than the their python implementations
  • New users are now added to a lot more groups
  • Rewritten system keymap configuration
  • Installer Update icon now fetches the package from
  • Upgrader: added support for kernel-dependent packages by building a fake kernel directory
  • Upgrader: added a routine that fixes group, users and their passwords
  • Upgrader: if a package is already installed and both versions are the same, check (md5 hash), the ebuild itself, CHOST and CFLAGS files too
General fixes and small improvements:
  • Added more available resolutions to our Gensplash theme
  • Updated the default webpage of all the browsers to
  • Fixed SHIFT + BACKSPACE and keymap bugs when running XGL
  • Fixed floppy support in KDE (reported upstream too)
  • Added initial support to Aquamarine KDE Beryl Window decorator
  • Fixed Internet Kiosk framework to support NX 2.1.0
  • Import NM gentoo-backends patches from upstream
  • Set the right GTK theme for root user too
  • Fixed KDE Printers management with KDE 3.5.5 and CUPS 1.2.x (quite broken, reported upstream)
  • Solved mozilla/seamonkey ebuilds' conflict
  • Added beryl-manager support to desktop-acceleration-helpers
  • ISOLINUX help file totally rewritten
  • Added support for both lang= and locale= parameters (they behave the same), used for the new ISOLINUX Language management
  • Added support for both keymap= and console-setup/layoutcode= (they behave the same), used for the new ISOLINUX Keyboard management
  • Fixed Gensplash theme when running at 800x600 and 640x480
  • Removed ATI RV350 workaround since now it works nicely with fglrx driver
  • Modularized agpgart driver on x86 for a stabler fglrx driver
  • Removed xmms and xmms-dependant packages (finally! thanks God!, yes chris, remove this :P)
  • Removed aiglx-accelerator since beryl/nvidia does not need that anymore
  • Reverted to a safer X.Org resolution autoconfiguration management
  • Language-configuration-helpers should create /etc/env.d/02locale if it does not exist
  • Fixed OpenOffice .odf file save bug
  • Removed portage-xgl and gentopia overlays
  • Rewritten Live boot services to support UnionFS
  • Moved all the installation and Live extra stuff to /install-data
  • Added ocrad for Kooka Scanner tool
  • when keymap= or lang= is forced, a routine now validates these parameters
  • Added -java -apache2 to subversion USE flags
  • Removed gnash from x86-64 (too experimental and buggy)
  • Better and out-of-the-box NTFS Paritions handling
  • Removed Modelines from xorg.conf (safer)
  • beryl-wrapper now checks if Direct Rendering is available
  • Disabled Machine Check Exception by default (too problematic on some systems)
  • Compiled iSCSI stuff as modules (safer)
  • Added /etc/init.d to CONFIG_PROTECT in /etc/make.conf
  • Removed kicker-compiz as it's not needed anymore in KDE 3.5.5
  • Removed centericq (for a less bloated DVD)
  • Substituted /usr/sbin/lspci and /sbin/lspci with lspci in gpu-configurator
  • Cleaned up old Intel ProWireless 2200 firmwares
  • Fixed Openldap problem on x86-64
  • Added "usb" USE Flag to support USB scanners out-of-the-box
  • Added sabayonuser in scanner group to get scanners to work out-of-the-box

  • This distribution contains libdvdcss look here if you live in the U.S. !.
  • This distribution contains proprietary and non-GPL softwares too (like from NVIDIA, ATI, Google, etc). Before running them, be sure to read their license and agree with that, otherwise, just remove those applications. To run SabayonLinux without Proprietary drivers, just use "noproprietary" boot flag.
  • Reiser4 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This will be reaccessed at a later time.
  • When you exit ColdWar or Quake4 (if you boot with "coldwar" or "quake4") the System will shut down automatically.
  • Trademarks are property of their respective owners, everywhere.
Using this feature, you can upgrade any Gentoo-based installation (Gentoo, VLOS, RR4, RR64) to the latest SabayonLinux without losing your personal data and settings. Our Team, however, will only actively support the upgrades using SabayonLinux as base. But be aware, to avoid system inconsistencies, the Updater, for now, removes every package (installed using Portage) that is not available on the DVD.
For example, if you have installed the package vmware-server using Kuroo or using Portage directly, this will be removed and needs to be manually re-installed by you. But don't worry, Portage never removes the settings of your applications.
By the way, for who doesn't care about that, I'd like to explain two major features of this amazing piece of Python code:
  • You can fix your current installation by choosing to reinstall every package, This will take a lot of time but will resurrect your SabayonLinux installation in cases of hard damaging.
  • You could (even if it's not so much tested) even upgrade your 32bit installation to a powerful 64bit one (but not the contrary) by using the function described above.
  • You can re-configure/reinstall your GRUB (Boot) settings/ without touching any configuration file and/or command line.
RESOURCES for SabayonLinux 3.2:
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Post by cvill64 » Tue Nov 28, 2006 15:03

Is finally fully updated with BOTH isos.

Sagely Hen
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Post by cvill64 » Wed Nov 29, 2006 3:26

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Post by lxnay » Thu Nov 30, 2006 18:53

Thanks to Mudrii, another source:

SabayonLinux-x86-3.2.iso > ... 86-3.2.iso
SabayonLinux-x86-3.2.iso.md5 > ... .2.iso.md5

SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.2.iso > ... 64-3.2.iso
SabayonLinux-x86_64-3.2.iso.md5 > ...
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