Missing cryptsetup cipher

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Missing cryptsetup cipher

Post by paddlaren » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:50


I am incorporating a Sabayon installation into my encrypted root disk (already existing). When I try to open the disk during boot I am informed that the cipher twofish-xts-plain64 cannot be loaded.

I have verified that the kernel modules exists and also added them into the /usr/share/genkernel/defaults/modules_load and into /etc/modules-load.d/ with the hope that those modules shall be included into the initrd and available for cryptsetup but I have so far failed. Anyone that know if this is possible to deal with?

I also have trouble with genkernel.
When I run

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# genkernel initrd 
I expect genkernel to do just that - build an initrd. This is how it used to work in gentoo a few weeks ago. Here it fails because it cannot build a kernel (I do not have the gentoo sources installed, just the default sabayon kernel). How do I get genkernel to focus on the task I ask it to perform?

As of now I rebuild the initrd by using kernel-switcher and switch to the kernel I already have.

Thanks in advance!

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