vdr and kodi not working together or at all.

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vdr and kodi not working together or at all.

Post by Douglas_E_Knapp » Tue Jan 31, 2017 23:48

Hello maybe this should be two errors but anyway.
I installed vdr and I type vdr at the command line and all I get is a blinking cursor. Nothing happens at all. CTL-C stops it and all is normal. How do I get this program to work?
Kodi works fine playing DVDs but I would like it to play TV from my USB TV card. The card works fine with VLC and I can watch TV that way. Any ideas how to get this to work? It needs a backend and I picked VDR but that needs appears to need an add-on that I can't find anywhere.

Has anyone gotten this to work on Sabayon KDE?

Thanks for any ideas or tips or help you can give!
PS I am not stuck on VDR but it just looked like it would be the easy way to go.

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