LIRC package needs to be re-done

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LIRC package needs to be re-done

Post by jiminez » Fri Jul 15, 2016 16:36

I have been struggling with lirc for the past several hours.

The sabayon package had at least one problem. That is that the devinput driver was not compiled in. There is even a comment above the package.use that drivers should use the kernel drivers which go with events now, but our package was not compiling with devinput.

I used portage and couldn't get devinput to work until now.

The LIRC_DEVICES in make.conf seemed to be ignored by emerge now.

The package.use statements were changed to:
app-misc/lirc lirc_devices_devinput -lirc_devices_audio -lirc_devices_audio_alsa -lirc_devices_pctv -lirc_devices_serial

I added the devinput there and it said it was compiling it in, but when it tried to run it said the only supported device was pctv.

I got mad and added the -lirc_devices_pctv and then it worked. I am not positive that is necessary, because I may have fixed a typo at the same time.

By default, the sabayon package also has a problem with /run/lirc being removed.

It may have a problem with not being compiled with systemd, but that may be something I learned later since I am still getting used to it.


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Re: LIRC package needs to be re-done

Post by Stupot » Fri Jul 15, 2016 18:00

Please file a bug report to have package flags changed.

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