Root cannot connect to x server [Partially Solved]

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Root cannot connect to x server [Partially Solved]

Post by Ritana » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:27

Hi Everyone,

Today I had to maintain my LVM2 partition and happened to have a sudden problem:

I don't know why but I'm unable to use GUI apps with root privileges , it's refused by the error message:

Code: Select all

 No protocol specified
kate: cannot connect to X server :0

I've tried to fix it by exporting .XAUTHORITY from my user folder as well as re-setting DISPLAY env variable and so on but the result seems the same :(

Yesterday I could launch any GUI program from root terminal so I don't really know what could be went wrong. Does anyone any idea? Thanks is advance


edit: Ok, I managed to fix it by putting into /root/.bashrc the following command then reboot:

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xauth merge /home/ritana/.Xauthority
But still, does anyone know why my root's X window had broken?
(sorry, I'm not really expert in Unix word)
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